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100 Watt Infrared Heat Bulb for Breeding & Warming Birds Without Light

100 Watt Infrared Heat Bulb for Breeding & Warming Birds Without Light

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Why you need this
Heat loss steals energy needed to heal. Infrared provides warmth with no light.

AviTemp ceramic heat elements are designed to heat without producing light. They are ideal for outdoor aviaries or large indoor spaces such as porches, sun rooms, garages, etc.

AviTemp heat elements produce radiant heat but are totally dark and do not disturb day/night cycles. Made of ceramic, like coffee mugs, they will not shatter if splashed and will last many times longer than glass heat lamps.

AviTemp heat elements are ideal for sheltered outdoor locations and poorly heated porches, garages, basements, etc. The heat elements are to be used in a porcelain-socket reflector that directs the radiant heat.The heat element is very hot and must be located outside of cages or otherwise protected from contact with birds or their caretakers.

  • AviTemp heat elements are completely dark so that normal sleep cycles are preserved.
  • AviTemp elements can be used outdoors if protected against rain and snow.
  • These are screw-in infrared elements that are a must for all bird lovers. 
  • With one of these elements and a ceramic-based reflector/lamp holder (do NOT use in metal sockets), you can also create an instant hospital cage.
  • Ceramic heat elements have no delicate filaments and will last up to 4 times longer than glass heat bulbs. 
  • Highly efficient, they produce even infrared radiant heat. Glass heat bulbs may waste up to 25% of their energy as light.
Directions for use:
100 Watt bulb use Minimum 10-12 inches from cage.
Caution: Use ONLY with sockets that have a CERAMIC base and are rated to handle 100 Watt's for more wattage. (Do NOT use in metal sockets)

Ceramic elements get very hot! Wait at least 30 minutes before unscrewing from a socket. Make sure that the element and holder ate mounted securely to prevent knockover.

Excellent for Terrariums, Hospital Cages, Outdoor Enclosures and Aviaries

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Hi. We're installing an out door aviary on our screened & covered porch. The size is 8x8x9 and it will house 2 blue and gold macaws. I found the perfect rope perches at windy city. Now I hope you can help me select the right heat source. We live in north Mississippi so extreme cold isn't a problem; winter temps are 30s-40s most nights. Do you recommend the avitemp infrared head lamps? If so, how many for the space?
Anne S

Hi Anne

Yes, I would recommend 2-3 Avitemp heat elements every 2-3 feet at the top of the aviary. The 10” reflectors would work best as they won’t poke out of the end of the reflectors and will provide more heat as it’s a larger diameter. I would suspend these NO CLOSER than 18” from the top of the bird’s heads where they perch. Not from the perches but from the bird’s heads.
Hope this helps.


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