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Free Bird Toy - Fortune Cookie

Free Bird Toy - Fortune Cookie

Idea Only - Not for sale
Out of Stock
Our ID Number is:Free Bird Toy Fortune Cookie



Your gonna be hungry in 30 minutes anyway - give the fortune cookie to the bird. Wrapped? Yep wrapper and all.

Toss into the bottom of your birds cage, tear up, simple fun.

For all you purists who say thats "too much sugar for birds," the bird never gets to eat much if any of the cookie, as it all falls to the bottom of the cage.

Note: Windy City Free Bird Toys are just suggestions on how to make a free or almost free toy for your bird. We do not sell, ship or give these away. Just the ideas. Enjoy.

No need to add to the WAIT list as they will not be coming to you. Make them yourself, have fun.

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