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How does Roudybush bird food pellets compare to Harrison's?
Posted by Mitch Rezman on 1/7/2014 to Bird & Parrot Care
Harrisons Organic Adult Lifetime Fine Bird Food Pellets 1 lb
Roudybush California Blend Bird Food Pellets - 44 oz Mini
They are both excellent food for your bird. Harrison's has USDA organic going for it Roudybush has no peanuts Harrison's does.
Roudybush also has a little variety now in that they recently came out with California blend having more fruit and veggies like dried peaches, apricots, plums, bell peppers, carrots, tomatoe and cabbage combined with Roudybush Daily Maintenance pellets

Roudybush daily maintenance has has roughly 7% fat and 21% of its calories are derived from fat. Which theoretically helps in converting birds from a diet high in seed fat

With Harrison's it's best to follow their recommended regimen and use Harrisons Organic Adult Lifetime after completing a dietary program of High Potency Formula for a period of at least 6 months.

Either bird food which falls under the category of "engineered" bird food which will theoretically sustain any caged bird for a lifetime without the need of additional vitamins.

That said - there ain't no pellet trees in the rainforest so you still want to give you bird fresh fruits, veggies and nuts. 

If you haven't already please feel free to take a look at our complete bird food selection - hope that helped

Mitch Rezman
What bird owners have to say
Mary Jo Harrison Date 1/9/2014
I have used Harrison's for over 20 years for my African Grey. I started because my Grey like a child only ate certain items, I have had no nutritionally caused problems with my Grey. I feed fruits, veggies, and other items as treats. It is great to have my Grey to eat nearly 100% of her food. I recommend Harrison's based on my Grey's vet checks.
Karen Candee Date 1/12/2014
I feed Roudybush because there seems to be less thrown on the floor! I did feed Harrison's but it's too expensive to feed to the vacuum cleaner and I have too many birds to afford it now. The waste with Harrison's was more noticeable to me probably because I kept seeing $$$ on the floor! My birds seem to do well on Roudybush.
Brittany Date 1/12/2014
@Martha Howe, birds are lactose intolerant so stop feeding dairy products NOW! For pellets try soaking in some ALMOND milk (unsweetened of course) that usually helps. Please stop with the dairy it is so bad for her.
Rachel Rovine Date 1/12/2014
I immediately switched my lorikeet to Harrisons after I got her back in '95. I wanted her to have an organic diet. She had no problem with the switch at all. She still eats fresh vegetables and fruit as a treat. I prefer Harrisons because it mixes easily with water to make a cereal consistency which is what my bird is most comfortable with. She has never been healthier- her feathers are almost irridescent on her head and glossy throughout. Her vet checks are good- always in good shape. I completely recommend Harrisons!
Linda HUnt Date 1/12/2014
Martha my Quaker also will not eat pellets so I buy Harrison's Mash, which is same ingredient but mashed fine. He loves it.
Jo Ann Boyle Date 1/12/2014
We raise and show English Budgies. We use a balanced mix of fresh fruit, veggies, non medicated game bird starter and egg food in form of fresh hard boiled egg including shell with vitamins and probiotics, made fresh from scratch daily. we throw a few seeds in to tempt resistant birds. We always have available gravity flow jars with a standard seed mix with small /crumbles pellets -40% canary/20%each red/white millet and 25% pellets,mainly roudybush but some color . As breeders we use game bird starter in place of pellets because of cost. Many of our birds go to families that do not have access to gamebird starter so we give pellets in diet to help diet transition in new homes.. The balance is millet spray, and assorted treats like Nutriberries ,manu roses, cuttlebone, brown mineral wheel, whole grain/wheat crackers toast at breakfast time to share with people or during teaching opportunities. Our vet started pushing pellets as most vets do but has come to respect the diet as he has seen the quality of bird he sees even when ill. Wild birds have free choice so we try to imitate this including dry grasses and fresh chick weed from the yard that have no pesticides and are clean. We also sprout organic mung beans at home to avoid contamination of sprouts in the market. Our birds walk around with mung bean roots hanging out of their beak crunching the liquid nutrients as well as the plant parts. Thus another way to get moisture into a birds diet. Our birds wait at the front of their cages for the morning moist food and breeding families depend heavily on this soft diet to make the necessary quantity of crop milk which newly hatched 'pinkies' need to grow. We feed breeding families up to 3 or four times a day the soft food. We also keep millet spray in every nest box for an extra munch for' mom' in between feedings. this also introduces chicks to whole seed munching before actual weaning transition which is stressful and is often accompanied by weight loss as the chicks realize that they have to eat constantly through the day to maintain optimum growth. Best wishes, Jo Ann
Martha Howe Date 1/12/2014
My little (390 gms) Timneh gray will not eat pellets period. I do not have the heart to force her by withholding all her food and giving her no choice. She can go for a long time without eating. She eats unsalted cashews and pistachio, a seed mix which is mostly safflower, some fruit and some dairy - she loves yogurt, milk and cheese. She shares a bit of our meals.I have tried many times to make a mash for her and she will not touch it. Likewise finely chopped vegetables.. Any suggestions?
Brian Abate Date 1/12/2014
Thank you Windy City for leading me to look this up. Oh and what you wrote on Harrisons about organic is a little misleading as it is not ALL organic. Only some of it is organic. (I thought it was all organic, too) We have 5 birds and use a combo of Roudybush, Harrisons and Zupreem but looks like now I will add the TOP Totally Organics. I believe the difference between them is Roudybush for higher added regular salt diet no added sugar , Zupreem for high added sugar lower added iodized salt diet with artificial colors on the fruity ones. Harrisons for partial organic ingredients with lower added sea salt and no added sugar. TOP Totally Organics looks to have the only totally organic diet with no added sugar or salt, no GMOs or soy. There you have it.
MT Date 1/13/2014
Check the Harrison's bag to make sure you're not feeding spinach, citrus, etc. and overloading your parrot with things that may lead to iron storage disease. Harrison's is an attempt at making a diet as complete as possible.
Mitch Rezman Date 1/13/2014
Hello Brenda Hi Brenda Here's a Totally Organics bird food that you could consider as an alternative to Harrisons that's a little less money. We also offer a Liver Detox for your bird found here: Please let us know how things work out Mitch
Christina Voise Date 1/13/2014
My Goffin's cockatoo would not eat any vegetables when I first got him. But I kept trying new ones and I eventually found that he prefers most vegetables lightly cooked - zucchini, yellow squash, greens such as collards and he LOVES eggplant. He also likes raw cherry tomatoes. I grow all of these vegetables myself. Greens can be grown through most of the winter. The moral of the story is, keep trying.
BRENDA ROBERTSON 1/13/2014 Date 1/13/2014
my little sun conure is so sweet, but I am havein trouble getting him to eat his HARRISON food. his vet but him on it because of his liver.when I got him, the people was feeding him the wrong food. now his liver is messed up. But he will not eat the Harrison. I can not afford it, it is high. I love my conure, and I want him healthy. what can I do to help his problem, so he can live a long life. I have tried him on everything that the vet told me. I even have a list of food,s that the vet gave me, he will not touch it. help!! . THANK YOU..
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