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Over 70,000 Orders

After 8 years of bird shows, Catherine launched just before Midnight December 31st, 2001. By 6:00 AM New Years day 2002, Windy City Parrot, received it's first web order.

Since then we've had more than 8,000,000 web visitors and fulfilled more than 70,000 orders

What Our Customers are Saying

10/6/2015 It doesn't matter if I liked the toys. It's all up to my Amazon parrot Oliver and he loves them! I purchased mostly things he could hold in his foot. Like Bamboo Boxes, Wooden Cheepstix, Woven Vine Chew Balls, Munchie Woven Vine Chew, Chewy Stars, Craft Sticks, Cork Rings.

Each morning after breakfast I give him a couple of toys. He goes to town chewing them up and making a mess for me to clean up. ;o) He likes watching me clean it up. lol Which I don't mind at all. The ones he didn't finish he put them into his pellet dish for later. Oliver rates them a 10 for toys he enjoys.

Now for the website. I wish I would have found this place sooner. They have a great selections of toys. I rate them a 10 for wonderful toys and great prices, Plus easy check out. Thanks!

8/18/2015 I couldn't be more pleased with the basket ball set from Mango. Your service was excellent and I have a baby caique and a bumbling eclectus who will be thrilled. Thank you so much for the clipper inside and the instructions, and the discount! You are great, and I LOVE the videos on your site (and also M Rezman's free bird toys ideas which I've used for years). Now though it's a step up, to training. Thanks for making this possible, Kaaron Jorgen order # WCP-85806

8/2/2015 Just wanted to thank you for the Norton Security Guarantee. You folks at Windy City continue to amaze me with your total operation and the unexpected extras not to mention your product selection, fair pricing and speedy processing and shipping. Windy City is one Outstanding Operation, Carl Bryant Customer

Dee Hicks - Marden's Ark

I urge people NOT to support big chains like Petco and Petsmart until they STOP SELLING live pets. Each year they buy from mill-type producers and flood the market with tons of budgies, reptiles, hamsters, and other small creatures flood the pet trade and will end up in homes that aren't prepared or willing to properly care for them. Please ADOPT don't SHOP when looking for a companion animal of ANY kind (yes, there are even rat, lizard and hamster rescues!) and support ETHICAL pet supply stores like WINDY CITY PARROT! (Marden's Ark Avian Refuge - a 501(c)(3) non-profit avian sanctuary - highly recommends Windy City Parrot as a reliable supplier of bird supplies and as a supplier that cares more about their customers' birds than they do about making a buck!)

Oh my goodness! Windy City Parrot is definitely the only site I will order from again. I & my Dusty (cockatiel) are so delighted with our order. Everything was perfect, I only wish I had ordered the larger cuttlebones (my mistake for not reading about the sizes) but they serve their purpose and that's what matters. I spent the extra $1 (?) on the shipping and I kid you order was here in less than 24 hours! So, GOOD JOB WINDY CITY PARROT!
BJ Bass

Received my order today, Friday 8/1/14. Boy what service!! Everything looks great. Can't wait to try my steam cleaner. You are no. 1 on my list of best ever companies!

Leonette S.

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I want to thank you so very much for seeing that the defective parts of my recent purchase of an AE bird cage were replaced and shipped out quickly. The replacement parts arrived undamaged, packed in extra bubble wrap - which was needed, as the box was banged up, ripped and crushed. The extra bubble wrap saved the parts, so many thanks to Dan at AE as well.

Catherine, your outstanding customer service and quick attention to my situation earned my trust and solidified your reputation as a company I very much like doing business with.

Many, many thanks!


Hello, I am sending you this short review to let you know that my order arrived earlier than expected and the pellets for my little Cockatiel was completely fresh and my little guy is really enjoying every every tasty bite of his pellets. I have other birds, and since this was the first time I have placed an order with your company I wanted to give your products a" test run" to see if they really lived up to your advertized standard of being fresh and shipped quickly. The shipping and product was everything you stated. I was totally satisfied. I will continue placing more orders for the rest of my birds from Windy City Parrot in the future. I look forward to doing business with you.

M. Wheeler

12/27/2013 Tobi P.
I received my "Genoa Stainless Steel Rolling Bird Stand Item Id: 70303491003" and I'm extremely pleased with the product, the packaging, the price, and the customer service I received. Thank you so much. I don't have a Facebook account, but I wanted to thank you somehow. Happy New Year

11/30/13 Wendy Nathan
You are absolutely the best! I can't believe how quickly you got my order here. I realize Chicago isn't that far from St. Louis, but you must have sent it out the same day as I placed it. The toys are great, too! Thanks so much.
From: Barbara McMillan
Subject: Yay!!! Received order
Message: Excellent source for our Parrotlet and everyone else's birds!!!! We received our order quickly and correctly. All nicely packaged. Quality products! Can't say enough positives about Will shop again! (please feel free to use this review!)

I just found this wonderful site ~ it's so different and really great. Love the videos! I don't think anyone else has near as much to choose from. And such unique things for every type of bird. I have a pair of cockatiels, two female parakeets, a pair of zebra finches ( the female is a fairly new replacement for my quite old female that died, and she's laying eggs like crazy. I give her a week or so, then take them from her. They all come out of their cages every day and have a wonderful view to the outside. I shall be back! Jackie
Catherine, I love your online store...I love all parrots, and I really miss my Macaw Inca, but she is not for an apartment dweller.

So I love Greys, someday I would like a Timneh, but CAGs are my handsdown favorite.

Thank you for making it easy to get to free shipping...Cyrus loves the Roudybush blend I got him, not so much the Zupreem, do you offer returns on open bags? If so, how would I do it?


Martha C.
Boise, Idaho
Ziggy - 10 year old Blue Doberman
Cyrus - 4 year old Grey parrot


my parrots love you! Food was very well packaged and so very fresh! My parrolet climbed right in the bag and started munching. You will hear from us again soon. Thanks. Suzanne H


I wanted to thank you for such a quick reply! Roxy, the shipper, contacted me earlier this morning and shipping arrangements were made. I wanted to compliment you on outstanding customer service from both your store and the shipper. I look forward to ordering from you again!



I just wanted to let you know that you guys are the bomb!!!!! One of my patients had told me about your place so i decided to go on line (city driving is not for me but hopefully i will get past that and drive up there to see your store sometime) to purchase some Sunshine Factor. I had ordered that this past Saturday and by Tuesday it was in my mailbox. (Thank you for the sample of AviGlo to try, i will let you know how things work once i start that) Tuesday i ordered Harrisons High Potency Bird food and just received it today!!!!!! One day!!!!!!! Didnt expect to get that fast. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!! I will certainly be ordering from you in the future. Keep up the great work. :)

Very Satsified First Time Customer, Shirley

4/29/2012 From: Beth Ann D.

Subject: Thank You


I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful customer service. I really appreciate the help with getting the cages I ordered on time. Mu birds have never been happier! We just adopted a new bird and she loves it!

Thanks Again

Beth Ann & Chris

Dakota & Angelyne (the Cockatiels)

Good morning, Mitch-I was so excited to receive the latest Windy City email featuring...Parrotlets! thank you so much for the very comprehensive presentation of these little guys, well done. I appreciate your response to my note; the photos were especially cute. Good luck with the snow that is coming your way today....Best-Leigh R.

Dear Cat:
It was such a pleasure speaking with you the other day.
I received my order today and want you to know that Pappy loves his new toy. So many colors and the bells. He immediately started ringing them as soon as I hung it in his cage and of course I had to sing "Ring My Bells" for him. I won't know about the nectar food for a few days until I finish the Zupreem but I will contact you and let you know how he takes to it.
Thank you so very much for your prompt service, courtesy and help. As I've said before, you have a customer for the life of my beloved Paprika.
Thanks again.
Jackie M.

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 6:51 PM, conniejeff> wrote:

Thank you for your prompt attention to our order. We appreciate the following:

  • Your professional and kind representative, who took our order
  • Your email, notifying us the product was shipped
  • Your initial rewards that you gave us to show your appreciation and welcoming us as new customers
  • Your prompt delivery
  • Your care to package the product with excellent packing materials and provide us with a nice and handy business card
  • Your ability to stock these top-of-the-line parrot products
  • Your great city - Chicago. We miss it. We now live in CT, but would love to be back in the Windy City and great Midwest where the people are the best in the Country!

Windy City Parrot is a wonderful company. We are very grateful for your service and proud to know that there are still pleasurable companies like yours in the Great U.S.


Connie and Jeff


Thanks Catherine

You run a very efficient operation!

I will highly suggest You to all of my Bird Owner friends!

Thank You From Dwight, Buckeye and Ralph!

Thank you and your staff for the prompt attention to the shipping problem in regards to my cages from Prevue. I'm so thankful I found Windy City Parrot.

I have breed birds since I was very young and it's nice to be able to go to one site and get everything I need.
Just want to express long-overdue appreciation for the wonderful (and often funny) pics you post on your website and e-mails. In particular, I really got a kick out of the budgie-with-a-buck & the macaw hand in today's e-mail. Very creative! :)

On Jan. 3rd (2010) I was online trying to find a UV lamp for my cockatiel's cage. Luckily I found your site and made an order...#41683 and 41685 and also got your holiday sale discounts.

The # 601 travel cage is super easy to put up and will be good for taking it with me on trips but the best is the No Mess feeder. There was always a mess around the cage but now none and also found how to take care of the millet mess.

I take about 3 inches of the millet spray, attach it to the millet clip and anchor it into the seed of the no mess feeder and that has solved that problem. So glad I found your site. Marilyn T

Happy New Year!

On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 1:09 PM, contact
Tracy: I just came back from Windy City Parrot. Catherine was not only
delightful but very educational. I learned a lot, bought many items not
only for the parrot but for the holidays, items for a friend with
Thanks for the referral. I will definitely be back often.

Mary Ann

Date: Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 7:56 PM
Subject: Happy Thanksgiving
To: Catherine Tobsing <>

Hi Catherine:

Just wanted to give you feedback and wish you a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.

I purchased the Featherbrite light from you for my 13 yr. old Rescued U2. She really seems to like it. So thank you! Also, I am using the Avi-Soother cream plus for her seasonal plucking and it ALSO seems to be working! God is so good! The products are fantastic!

Thank you so much for your emails and all the wonderful products that you offer for our loved feathered friends!

Sincerely, Kristin


Hi again,

Rios cage has arrived and we are thrilled! Rio is at this moment enjoying her new "big girl house". I feared a bit of adjustment might be called for but she watched me assemble the cage and was eager to get in and explore. Within the first five minutes she played with toys, ate some fruit and preened. I think it's a keeper. I would love to leave good feedback for you and your excellent customer service. Your help with our upgrade and fast efficient handling of the order deserve some praise. It's wonderful to find a place that is so easy to work with. I'll be back.

Paula & Rio

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 11:57 AM, Bonnie D wrote:
I just want to tell you how satisfied I have been with the orders I have placed with you. I receive the orders within 2-3 days (and this during Christmas season). When there have been problems (very rare) they are taken care of immediately. You are one of the few places I have found that carries Hagan's Tropican, the preferred food for my birds and those of my friends.

I have sent an e-mail out to all of them since their usual dealer has closed) to let them know that they can depend on
WindyCityParrot.comfor prompt and responsive service.
My five parrots are especially happy to get their food and toys on time. They are all rescue birds and you have come to their rescue more than once.

thanks again.

Stormy and Gabriella (African Greys),
Yoni and Pele (Sun conures),
and Garrett the Parrot (Illiger's Macaw),
and me
Psychiatric/Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner

On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 10:08 AM, Mary C wrote:

As the owner of several birds (many rescues) I don't always have the luxury of time when deciding whether to order online or going to a "brick and mortar" store. Although my recent order was comprised mostly of toy parts so that "Santa" could put toys together before the big day----your speed in processing my order was unbelieveable. I ordered at approximately 2:30 yesterday afternoon and before 2:45 received notification that my order would be shipped. Last evening I received my federal express tracking number.

This is why people choose to use one "online store" over the other---it is called "customer service".

Many thanks,


Mary C

On Tue, Oct 7, 2008 at 8:58 AM,

I just wanted to thank you for always giving such great service. I have shopped with you before at bird fairs and now online since I have moved. I placed an order Sunday night and my products arrived Tuesday morning. I was thrilled and so are my birds! Thank you so much for being dependable and selling great and safe products for our feathered companions.

The customer service at Windy City Parrot is absolutely amazing! Not only did I get a great deal on my cage and other bird supplies, but it all arrived so quickly! It was shipped out the next day and delivered to my home within 3 business days. We had a problem with a bent tray that was shipped directly from the manufacturer, but after contacting Windy City Parrot, they contacted the manufacturer of the cage and we had a new tray the very next day! I can't remember the last time I have had such competent and friendly service!

Donna Berlinghoff

I was doing research to find a place to purchase a new cage in the coming month..

I found (even searched the BBB) that your company is one of the highest rated nation wide by what people post in numerous forums and reports online..

I also found out you are a small business and just wanted to say, Your web page is great, reviews are fantastic and I will be back many times

my macaw goes through a toy in a few days haha..

Anyways thanks and just leaving a note that I did check the BBB and told you as they asked me to say I did.. haha


I wanted to thank you for sending these items so quickly and also for selecting plush hideaways in colors that will match my budgies, per my request in the original order. I am just thrilled with the products and your professional service.

Thanks so much.


I just wanted to say that whoever handles your website does a terrific job. It is easy to manuver and is so complete. Couldn't ask for a more user friendly site. Great work! You also have a super selection!


Hi Catherine,

I just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today and I am extremely pleased with the ladders and bells. For the price I paid these are not only of great quality, but are perfect for medium to large size parrots. It's often hard to judge the actual size of something on line, but my African Grey will find these great entertainment for years to come.


Marietta Walker--Warrensburg, MO

Subject: Re: Here's your free e-Books

Hi, thanks so much for sending these. I downloaded them all and am especially interested in the screaming, biting, and feather plucking.
One of my Greys is the screamer/biter, the other is a plucker. I know all the standard things to try, tried them all, so I'm hoping that there will be something new to try in these e-books. Will read them tonight.

The bottom line with their behavioral problems is that even though they may be hand-fed and captive, they still have the needs of wild animals. Keeping them in captivity really should not be allowed. I have vowed that no matter how difficult it may be to keep my Greys, I will always provide a home for them in the most humane way I can possibly do because when I got them, I made a commitment for life to them. I can't bear the thought of them becoming indefinitely bounced from family to family all their lives, just because after a year a family decides keeping a bigger bird is way more than they can handle.
People get themselves in way over their heads. I have come to believe it should be illegal for people to own anything larger than a cockatiel or conure because most people are not financially, logistically, or emotionally able to provide the things that parrots really do need to thrive in captivity. I'm trying my best for mine, they are part of our family and will always be so. But I NEVER encourage anyone to get a parrot, and if they are obsessed with it, I strongly urge them to adopt from a shelter, better yet, to volunteer at a parrot rescue shelter to get a first-hand look and experience of what responsible parrot-keeping really involves, how severe behavioral problems in birds can be (and they are all capable of developing those), and ask themselves "Can I really do this? And for decades, possibly the rest of my life?"

Anyway, thanks so much for your concern and support of responsible parrot-parenting. Keep up the good work. We order toys and things (under my husband's name). You are the best source for the latest innovations in helping parrots live sanely in captivity.

I think I may end up having to consult a behaviorist and I will certainly look on your site if you have recommendations. I really like the woman on the free DVD we got with our last order a few months ago, very impressed to the degree of understanding of parrot psychology and needs and translating that to human terms so we can help our beautiful winged kids as much as possible.

Again, thanks for the good work. Please keep me on your email lists.



I just wanted you to know that the cage I ordered yesterday arrived this morning, and it is great! I've been searching quite some time for a boarding cage for our brown headed parrot but didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars. He has to go stay with my mom in a couple of months while some remodeling gets done in our house, and his cage is way too big to transport. This cage will be perfect for him to stay in at her house, and now I can also take him with me when we go visit my sister in Tennessee!
The cage was a terrific price, too, for such a nice one! Anyway, thanks so much for your great service! Oh, and my budgies are going to love the little toys I ordered for them, too!
I wish you all a very happy holiday season and much continued success with your business in 2007!
Nancy E
Hi, and Thank you very much! My baby has such a wonderful time with the things we order from you. (I just have never been able to set up and account and remember my password!
At Christmas, her birthday, and special occasions, we wrap her gifts and she loves to open them.
For instance, at Christmas (her favorite time!) she comes down from her cage and gets her gift from Santa, takes it up on her "twirly" and opens them! The wrapping paper is fun, but SHE LOVES her "presents". So smart!)
Thanks again and you ALL have a wonderful Holiday Season! You have a great site with great things!
Mama,(Sharon) DaDa (Garry) and Baby Kally-4 years old.
(hand fed Lesser Sulfur Crested Cockatoo--and the Smartest in the world :)
Hi, I have ordered many times from your site online. I just want to thank you for your great service and large inventory of items. Shipping time is always exceptional and I always check your site first when I'm looking for anything for my fids. Happy holidays!
A very loyal customer,

Subject: Hello from New Zealand

Hello people at Windy City Parrot!

Just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know that my order arrived safely. The parcel was intact & a bit earlier than expected. I am very pleased with all of the items.

Thank you for making my first overseas internet shopping experience a good one.

Bye for now, Leanne.

PS - Just in case you're confused, my order was done via Amazon.

I just wanted to say, thanks for the great customer service! I used your site to buy a bunch of toys and supplies for my baby Hahn’s Macaw, and I got great customer service from Catherine. She was very patient with me as I returned and exchanged some stuff, as we figured out what size was really appropriate for my little guy. Everything came promptly and in perfect condition, and my little guy loved it all. I also had good help on the phone from a man who helped me figure out what type of toys to get as a gift for my boyfriend, who’s getting a blue and gold macaw soon. I had such a good experience that I’ve recommended the site to my boyfriend and my parents, who are all going to be new bird owners soon, and got them gift certificates for Christmas! Thanks Windy City!


"I received the wonderful "bird goodies" package today and I'm thrilled with ALL of it. The timing is real good on the little travel cages for emergency use as Ivan's coming soon...The fabric/pattern you chose for my Sugar Glider's tent is perfect. I love it & know he will! And, I thank you for the parrot magnet. You've been so very helpful in all of this with me and I thank you so very much. I will now go write a real good feedback...THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!!" - Kathy W.

I received my parakeet bulk toys last thursday, oct. 6 and everything was better than expected. I' am so happy to see my parakeet play with the toys. One bird has a tumor, she likes to throw the rings out of a cup. Now i have a variety, she will not be bored. Plus I can keep track of her physical strength, observing daily. This is good exercise for her in her condition.

The order arrived quickly, and thank you for the magnet.

Great job -Miss P.

Hello Folks at Windy City Parrot,

My order arrived today. The shipping box was in good shape, and the inventory was complete. I'm very pleased with the products and the service. Thanks!

Patricia G. Ph.D.

Just wanted to say thank you for the extremely prompt service. I am very pleased with the efficient ordering! I will definitely order from you again. Thanks, Stephanie

Hi, my name is Jessica and I placed an order w/ you on the 23rd.
Today is the 25th and my entire order was delivered this morning and I just wanted to say YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! I did not expect to get this stuff for another week - based on my previous on-line ordering experiences w/ other companies...
I bought a pair of blue Quakers this weekend and they hopped right in the breeder cage I got from you (wonderful quality by the way) and now are snuggling in the nest-box that was part of my order
I plan to order everything I need from you guys in the future based on my great first impression.
Sincerely Jessica

Dear Catherine
Thank you for all your help and support with all my orders with Windy City Parrot. You have been amazing, I can honestly say you have provided the best customer services I have ever received.
I just received my first order five minutes ago and everything looks great! I am sure my little conure will have a lot of fun with all the toys.
You have got such great and unique products and a very wide variety as well. I have definitely become a very loyal customer of Windy City Parrot.
Thank you so much for everything.
Many thanks.
Kind regards,