Hormonal changes are coming to your bird this spring what’s your plan?

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Americans have the ACLU – Captive birds in America have us.

Part of a call from Hawaii at the Birdie Boutique

“I suggest72 hours of constant light, meaning the bird would be in its cage for 3 days, with the lights on”.

Cage birdkeepers response “she’ll never go for something like that

My email response

As an advocate for pet birds, I wanted to follow up on your lovebird’s reproductive issues.

If a child is sick, he or she does not determine whether or not to accept care.

Although you state your bird would “have nothing to do with it” – she can easily be locked in a cage for three days for her own good so as to extend her life.

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Does the size of food matter to my bird?

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Short answer – yes you can feed all size birds the same foods BUT – you have to understand how they eat. Our cockatiel would eat everything from a plate including picking from a burrito bigger than her.

Peaches our Senegal likes to hold food in her zygodactyl foot thus she requires manageable chunks of “parrot size” food with larger pieces of nuts and larger pellets. We feed her Hagen Tropimix and Higgins Safflower Gold. Both foods are robust blends of seed, nuts, fruits and pellets. I think Hagen slightly edges out Higgins because all the seeds in Hagen Tropimix have been hulled making for a very clean blend with less to vacuum.

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Pepper our two and a half year old African Red-bellied Parrot

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Sorry for the delay.  I had full intentions of providing you with my take on the African Red Bellied parrot several weeks ago and life got in the way.  🙂
irst of all, let me introduce Pepper our two and a half year old ARB.  I am emphasizing two year old because we are going through what I can only hope is the terrible 2s stage and not a life long trait with him.

For a bit of history, this is not my first rodeo.  I was very active in owning, caring, training, and taming parrots many years ago.  I go back to the days when most were wild caught birds that required significant patience and attention.

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My bird won’t play with toys or eat new foods are two problems that solve each other

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A clear theme that emerges after reading endless threads on Facebook bird groups is “my bird won’t play with toys” – “my bird doesn’t play with toys” “my bird only wants to chew the keys off my notebook computer”

From wikipedia we learn: Ho·lis·tic – hōˈlistik – adjective – characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Another way of putting it is “we are not connecting the dots” Bird food is connected to bird toys which are connected to bird cages and bird stands and everything has to work together.

There is a large overlap of caged bird keepers who claim the birds will eat nothing new nor with a play with toys – which is the problem and the solution – we need to combine the toys with the food – for starters.

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Why cage timeouts will not solve your birds biting problem

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A little bit about Facebook private groups. Because they are private groups, I cannot share the content that the members post nor any of the photos or videos from that group because they are “private“.

That said, the subjects themselves are well worth sharing so the only content from the group discussion will be that of mine with just a synopsis of how the problem was related to the Facebook group.

The conversation started about what the gentleman had referred to as a “hard tip” feather that was annoying the bird. Not surprisingly he got bit when he tried to pull the feather out. Not understanding the impact of what we call a broken blood feather as innocuous as it sounds can be responsible for the death of a pet bird.

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Your 2017 caged bird keepers to-do list

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My bird(s) will get proper lighting using a timer to provide an accurate light cycle

I will get my bird(s) DNA tested so the next time I ask mitchr a question he will know if the behavior may be sexually oriented

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Christmas With My Parrots

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I just love this time of year with my parrots. Currently we’re singing and dancing to rambunctious Christmas carols while hubby wraps presents. It’s time to think about gift giving for your beaked family. Homemade toys are the answer, because like me, you probably have lots of things around, like wrapping paper tubes to make into foraging toys. Husband wraps with the pretty foil paper which isn’t suitable for them.

Most gift wrap paper tubes today don’t have glue on them, but check to be sure. I wrap all of my presents in newspaper for my human family. What parrot doesn’t enjoy a crumpled up ball of newspaper tossed in their direction? Or a newspaper house? May as well let the fun begin now.

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My caique chews on everything in sight – help

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I love your birdie brunch and read it first thing every Sunday. Thank you!

I hope you can help me. I have an 8 yr. old white-bellied Caique. Conrad has owned me since he was 3 months old. I am also a strong proponent of flighted birds (seems to me they were made that way), so Conrad is fully-flighted.

He’s delightful and we are strongly bonded. He’s really a great bird and good company. HOWEVER, I don’t seem to be able to stop him from chewing on everything in sight. He has numerous toys of varying types and textures in all his houses (currently 3, not including travel), but when he’s out he chews on furniture, window sills, molding, electric cords, shoes, to name a few.

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Is sugar in bird food good or bad for my bird?

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Hi Windy City Parrot.

All this blogging about food but I really need to know what you feed the budgies – and what they actually will eat. Standard seed mix? Any pellets? Avicakes? (molasses = sugar)

People food? Mine eat an uncolored mix (millet, canary seed, oats) and Harrison’s pellets, which they seem to eat more of than the corn pellet bits that come in their seed mix.

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Is human food killing your bird?

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One of last week’s post was entitled Comparative Human and Bird Digestive & Respiratory Systems – it was a bit heady and I think the point was lost on the majority of readers. The message was that avian and human digestive and respiratory systems are very different.

We need to ask ourselves the motivation to feed our birds human food in the quantities that I’ve never seen. A post in a Facebook bird group really tripped my wire.

BTW – Now that the majority of my energy is no longer necessary in rebuilding the Windy City Parrot website I’m returning to social media. Aside from selling thousands of pounds of bird food monthly I’m also now companion to a flock of five birds.

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Do birds really need that mysterious but pervasive cuttlebone in their bird cage?

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Like hard working catchers of the MLB we get questions tossed to us day in and day out. Questions are my favorite part of words. The answers to questions enlighten us and make it better regardless of our endeavor.

What size cuttlebone should I put my bird’s cage? How effective is cuttlebone at reducing the length of my bird’s beak?

“What a long strange trip it’s been” lyrics that you may know as part of a Grateful Dead song and a tribute to Jerry Garcia but the title of the compilation comes from the lyrics of one of Robert Hunter’s most famous songs, the line from “Truckin“:Lately it occurs to me: What a long, strange trip it’s been. Robert Hunter was probably the Grateful Dead’s most prolific lyricist –

There’s never a right place to digress, is there?

Have you ever gone out for a drive on a motor scooter or a four wheeled terrestrial vehicle and ended up in another state? That’s the feeling I got while researching cuttlefish.

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Our birdie brunch buffet just got budgerigarer

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Ok I admit it – it’s like a drug – an addiction – “I need more birds man” Jason Crean the organizer of the TASC components of the 68th annual National Caged Bird Show was seeking to re home 2 budgies.

Catherine and I had discussed rounding out Bacon & Eggs cage with another budgie or two. When I saw the two budgies in front of Tracy who was reluctantly helping Jason by accepting them I mentioned “we were in the market”.
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