Are parrots, the god-feathers of social media?

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“HERE’S YOUR SIGN,” Bill Engvall

“My parrot is smarter than your Facebook developer,” mitchr

First of all I want to say that I’m proud that we went social media silent over the 2014 Christmas and Hanukkah holidays. It’s time to celebrate the holidays with family and friends not stare into electronic boxes with glass windows to the universe. We all put our devices down for the holidays, right?

Having the wonderful choice to believe anything you want on the Internet, or not, I’ve come to find that parrots may have existed as much is 54 million years ago. An ancient bird found on Denmark‘s Isle of Mors has already been nicknamed the “Danish blue” in honor of the fictional “Norwegian blue” breed of parrot featured in a 1970s British comedy show. You can read more about that here

For social media to happen all you need is a group of anythings who has a lot to say to a lot of other anythings. It could be fans of rock stars or groups of volunteer firemen. Anyone who knows about parrots knows they are flock animals, very vocal and highly communicative in a complex social setting. The only time birds are silent is when there is danger present.

So for 54 million years without the complex use of telephony and electronics, parrots of the world had their group discussions with many of the discussions being carried on with the same group for decades over vast distances. They even have the ability to communicate and travel great distances very fast, without wires or vehicles while never touching the ground.

All they really want to do in the wild is go somewhere for breakfast and talk about where the going to have lunch just like old people in Florida. The only thing that is different with the social media that we know like Twitter and Facebook is that social media is built by humankind which unfortunately brings out both the best and the worst of all of us. I’ve never met a bad parrot, only parrots that have been treated badly by humans.

At the face of it human social media is simple, communication via words, pictures and videos all linked on some common digital platform like Facebook or Pinterest. That’s the front side of social media, what the majority of you see. The backside of social media is where organizations such as ours “leverage our message” and “amplify our brand” There are many other things the snake oil elixir called Social Media claims to do.

The 900 pound gorilla of social media is Facebook. And forgive me for taking you around the block as I’ve been known do on occasion but I hope that the backdrop I’m going to paint is interesting.

Statistically Facebook needs to decide how many “stories” it’s going to serve your newsfeed on any given day. Between friends, groups and company pages that you like the average Facebooker has the potential of 1500 stories every day that Facebook needs to cull through using its artificial unintelligence. The kids running Facebook are proud to say they use more than 100,000 ranking factors to determine which post of the neighbor kids dance recital you get to see. How is that possible?

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