Get your free bird stuff here.

Read in one minute
when was the last time
a bird store put money back in your pocket?
Budgie holding dollar bill in it's beak with large dollar bill background
clearly, many of you are not paying attention
to the hundreds of bird items that
have a button that looks something like this
redem points button on Windy City Parrot
or if you were seeing said button on
hundreds of bird product listings
but wondering what is was for – just ask sue m.
invoice showing zero charges for bird food and bird supplies as a rewards program
we’ll even ship your
free bird stuff for free
when you order $49 or more
that’s right – free bird stuff shipped free –
now play the video with your speakers 
or headphones on and read this sentence one more time
that’s right – free bird stuff shipped free –

Girl talk to budgie sitting on the top of her forearm
I’m glad we had this chat – mitchr