Does the size of food matter to my bird?

amazon parrot eating slices of fruit whole vegetables and grains
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Short answer – yes you can feed all size birds the same foods BUT – you have to understand how they eat. Our cockatiel would eat everything from a plate including picking from a burrito bigger than her.

Peaches our Senegal likes to hold food in her zygodactyl foot thus she requires manageable chunks of “parrot size” food with larger pieces of nuts and larger pellets. We feed her Hagen Tropimix and Higgins Safflower Gold. Both foods are robust blends of seed, nuts, fruits and pellets. I think Hagen slightly edges out Higgins because all the seeds in Hagen Tropimix have been hulled making for a very clean blend with less to vacuum.

I see her (Peaches) holding and eating pellets from both fine bird food blends confirming for me she is benefitting from the engineered nutrition while enjoying her many meal times throughout the day.budgie-eating-apple

That said you can take larger nuts and larger pellets and smash them down to smaller sizes and actually pulverize them for species like finches.

Generally speaking, parrots are hook bills with a sharp beak which is why lovebirds fall into that category. You just don’t want to frustrate the bird.

We advocate making birds work for food rather than just putting out a filled dish daily – it’s quite easy to do and far more rewarding for your bird.

The problem with most chops is with the exception of a few nuts the birds receive almost no protein which is necessary for their very high metabolism and the production of feather growth and muscle strength – they fill up on the veggies and fruit because they are sweet and pass over the few nuts that contain proteins because they are buried in the chop – Hope that helps.

african grey parrot-eating nut with zygodactyl foot

If you go to Windy City Parrot we actually break down foods into five categorical sizes.

You can also click the “contact us” button at the top of the website for additional information – we are more than happy to work out a nutritional program just for your birds.

New subject

Facebook private question along the lines of “how can I stop my bird from plucking.

If you want advice about feather plucking I need to know your bird’s sex, age, what it eats and a pic or 2 of their cage set up.

My response

You have 3 issues Behavior (plucking) – Nutrition (feather growth &  using food for enrichment/foraging) Environment (safety/security – possible brooding/hormonal triggers)

The vegetables you offer your bird may or may not be helpful. Feathers are made from β-keratin and β-keratin is metabolized through protein – where is the bird getting it’s protein to grow it’s feathers?

Calcium will only be beneficial if she’s a brooding/egg laying female

I sell Feather In and will PM a link

Getting him/her wet – misting baths – coconut oil in the food – 12 hrs light and 12 hours of darkness (full spectrum light on a timer) soft rope perch to sleep on high in the cage – easy on the feet and offers something to pluck other than feathers – more to come.

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