Why 4 roommates 2 feathered and 2 human need to work things out.

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Jan 9, 6:36pm

Hello, I have two Caiques. The first we have had for 6 years and is sweet mostly. The second, we introduced about 2 years ago. At first, the two about killed each other, but now they are friends.

However, the second caique does have an issue with wanting to be super nice to me and then all of the sudden out for blood. It goes for fingers, almost always. I am fairly sure it had a bad childhood and feel awful for it. It has some great times, but then sometimes will revert and attack. It goes in phases.

I am curious if you have any ideas of how to break this? Currently, to hold the bird or get it, most times I need to have a towel, which it is so smart to hold it’s wings out so I cannot wrap it up. It flips out from the towel also so I cannot grab it, always going for fingers and biting. Thank you for any information! Sometimes I’m at my wits end with this bird, but have been trying and trying to make it have a great life.

Greetings Kristie and Raschko

It would be helpful to know the sex of the two birds and their names. If you don’t know I would encourage you to get them both DNA sexed it will help with sorting this thing out.

In that your bird fears the towel this may have a bad implication down the road should you have a medical emergency and need to wrap the bird in a towel to control it.

Have you tried to use a stick (perch) so that you can transport the bird without getting bit? Here’s an example: 

I don’t think this is anything to do with the second bird’s bad childhood I think it’s more about, “but now they are friends.”

The second bird has taken the first bird as a mate (or close buddy) and cut you out of the deal. The lunging/biting is to keep you away from the first bird as the second one is very jealous.

Are they housed in the same cage or do they have different cages?

Do you employ any sort of artificial lighting? How much “foraging and enrichment” are they exposed to?

Both birds can benefit from clicker training. In your case, I would advocate using a long millet spray as a reward which would keep your hand 6 inches away from your bird’s beak. Examples of clicker training

Hello and thank you very much for your reply!

We have not had the birds sexed or DNA tested. I know the cost is very low to do the testing. We have been told the first bird we had appears to be a female due to the pelvis, but no one has seen the second one to evaluate it, so we are not sure. The names of the birds, oh yes!

The first bird we had, is named Chicken Noodle. It does have a Facebook page if you search Chicken Noodle Caique Parrot. It’s quite animated and friendly. The second bird we have is named Alfie – this is the one that bites.

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