Hagen’s (HARI) Alternative Formula Pellets offer better nutrition for Mature birds

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December 10th of last year I sprained my ankle. I finally got my boot on that foot for the first time last week on 1/24/17. In less than a month Medicare will be paying all my medical expenses (in conjunction with a supplemental plan F policy). I can relate to getting old. I look old. I have a long gray beard. Look at me and you know that I’m old.

Not so much with birds

For those of you that have stuck with your birds through the screaming biting and destruction – kudos! You’ll learn how much life bird’s can bring into a home.


Birds do not appear to physically age but they do internally. They can get diet challenged, meaning that they need less protein and fat content to get through the day. This is why Hagen developed Tropican Alternative Formula for birds

What makes the Alternative formulation different than Tropican Lifetime and Tropican High-Performance formulas?

  • Alternate protein sources: pea and quinoa
  • Formulated with no soy or corn
  • Higher amount of bentonite clay
  • New ingredients such as walnuts, maple syrup, cranberries, sunflower oil, sweet potato, wheat germ oil, pumpkin seeds, marigold extract
  • Higher levels of omega 3, 6 and Beta-carotene
  • Darker brown pellets
  • Premium daily nutrition for ALL adult life stages

Tropican Alternative Formula provides proper daily nutrition for for Parrots who are less active or diet challenged.

Tropican Alternative Formula provides proper daily nutrition for Parrots who are diet challenged, adult, senior, requiring lower protein and fat content (versus High-Performance formula

… all this results in optimum feather structure growth, vivid colors and luster!

A Unique Formulation to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Alternative Formula, a diet with 15% protein was developed for companion birds who are diet challenged, adult, and/or senior. It’s an excellent soy-free diet that is rich in pea and quinoa as alternative sources of high-quality protein.

senegal parrot stand on bowl of cooed peas whose beak is covered with peas

Peas are a premium source of protein due to their high digestibility score and they provide a great complementary amino acid profile when combined with the other plant derived proteins (wheat, rice) found in the Alternative Formula.

Natural ingredients such as peanuts, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin seeds are included to increase the palatability for Parrots. A rich source of Omega fatty acids from flaxseed & peanuts makes feathers shine and helps support a healthy body. The bentonite clay (montmorillonite) found within the Alternative Formula is effective and powerful in assisting ailments in Parrots who are diet challenged.

But How Does It Taste?

We are very proud of Tropican’s outstanding 30+ year tradition of raising thousands of parrots over several generations at HARI. At a time when most bird food companies have shut their research centers, HARI continues its ongoing work on the research and development of advanced bird nutrition. In fact, HARI is the longest-standing research facility dedicated to studying the care and breeding of parrots.

Unlike farm pellets, these granules break cleanly and do not explode into fine powder like most pellets do. The parrot is able to hold the rest of the morsel and eat the piece it broke off. Again this difference results in a benefit to the consumer as significantly less wastage is associated with Tropican.

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