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Peggie W replied – Feb 19, 8:25am

Hi, I am about to order some of the Scenic pellets for parakeets. I was just wondering how this compares to Volkman’s parakeet mix or Harrisons. I’ve been feeding my keets Volkman’s . Also, could you write more about parakeets ?

No one will write about parakeets! It’s always about the larger birds. I’d like to hear more about training an older, or stubborn bird, getting them to play more. Also, more about creative cage arrangement for smaller birds.

Many cages I see on YouTube with parakeets are heartbreaking – sparsely furnished, boring. Also, seems 99% of the bird toys out there are for larger birds. Parakeets are a huge part of the market, so I’m surprised they are so ignored when it comes to toys and care advice. I’d love to hear more on this from your newsletter! Thanks for the weekly emails, I always look forward to reading them.

I’ll work up something for you Peggie – mitchr

For now

To be clear Volkman is all seed – Harrison’s and Scenic are pellets or fully engineered food. Harrison’s pellets are organic and non gmo but they only have a couple of formulations.

Scenic has more flavors and been supplying zoos for many years.

I’m waiting for a wider angle camera (litterally slow boat from China) until then enjoy – this our breakfast club – Bacon, Eggs, Toast and Jam

So here’s the something Peggy

When most of us hear the word parakeet we instantly think of our budgies. The reality is parakeets come in all shapes and sizes, monk parakeets a.k.a. Quaker parrots.

Mustache parakeets, Indian ringneck parakeets you get the idea.

Editor’s note: all conures are parakeets but not all parakeets are conures.

Now that we’ve gotten housekeeping out of the way let’s talk about “budgerigars”.

At a TASC meeting one night Dr. Karen Becker spoke about performing intake on a budgie in a woman who was in her late 70s or early 80s.

Working away through the traditional intake questions, when quizzed about the bird’s age the woman said 26.

Naturally, Dr. Becker reply with how can you confirm this? The woman brought out the Woolworths receipt where she had originally purchased the bird confirming its age.

When Dr. Becker queried the woman as to what she attributed the birds longevity, the woman replied “I have a cup and he has a saucer of decaffeinated green tea, every day for 26 years”.

Which led to an interesting discussion by Dr. Becker about how widely tea is used in nutrition and zoos for exotic animals. But that’s another rabbit hole.

This is a first-hand tale of budgie socialization

Some of you may remember when we rescued Bacon the budgie last summer. After a couple weeks we realized that he was miserable, he was wild and it would take a long time to train him if ever. He needed a cage mate, not us.

It didn’t take us long to acquire what we thought was another boy budgie but it turned out to be a female we named Eggs. Fortunately they got along famously and would sit next to each other for hours chatting and kissing. But they still acted very skittish as Bacon would react wildly when we neared the cage which also got Eggs going.

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