Birds can be difficult when trying new foods

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Dear Nora

Birds can be difficult when trying new foods, I am asking the company for their suggestions on conversion.

I will get back to you.

Hi Nora,

One of the problems we see is that birds get bored in general when simply eating out of a bowl full of food.

Hagen alternative formula parrot pellets might not be as pretty as fruit and flower shapes. Bright colored puffs also may contain more sugar than other bird food manufacturers use for greater palatability.

You can easily start by sprinkling Hagen alternative formula parrot pellets over her current food.

We found that encouraging foraging and enrichment can make feeding time more fun. Birds in general would prefer to work for food rather than eat out of a never ending bowl.

Here are two videos that illustrate this

hope that helps


My Hagen rep got back to me, she was out of the office.

Suggestions on encouraging a bird to try Alternative is no different than getting him to try other foods. I personally like to make food enticing and pique a bird’s instinct to to forage. Try corrugated card board –poke the Alternative granules into the folds of the cardboard.

For the sake of advanced expectations-put this item near the cage-almost touching the outside. Anytime I place something chewable near any of my birds’ cages, they automatically try to reach for it. (Lesson learned the hard way, yet put to good use afterwards!)

Check out this video for suggestions!

 Tropican Bird Food Diet Conversion Techniques

How Can We Encourage Our Birds to Eat a Minimum of 70% TROPICAN?

The right cage choices, food dish placement, as well as optimal times to offer Tropican bird food pellets can make a big difference in encouraging our parrots to eat a minimum of 70% Tropican. Often caretakers offer too much variety in their bird’s diet and that not only contributes to improper nutrition, these mistakes can also make diet conversion to Tropican very challenging.

What Else Can We Do to Increase the Consumption of TROPICAN?

Bird food doesn’t always have to be served in a dish! Our companion birds are very curious by nature-why not play into their natural foraging instincts with Tropican bird food diets! Check out the video on how to incorporate foraging toys, cat scratchers, and with optimal nutritional opportunities!

This should help, be patient. Try to pretend to eat some and let the bird steal yours.

Also, you can remove the seed dish at night, leaving only the pellet dish for night snacking. Then in the morning put the seed dish back in, repeat nightly.

I hope some of this helps.
Thank you

Quick Tips for Conversion to Harrison’s Bird Foods

1. Harrison’s Bird Bread Mix can be used as an extremely effective conversion tool. Food that the bird currently eats can be added to the mix and baked in the bread. Gradually reduce the amount of that food and replace with the appropriate Harrison’s formula.

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