How can you compare the personalities of an African grey and a macaw?

African grey, Amazon macaw parrot budgie and finch on white background
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That is not really a fair question. The personality of a captive bird is determined by many factors and the environment that humans provide for them.

The bigger question is are we seeing the paratroop personality or does being a captain of bird change everything? In other words would a bird be different in the wild than in captivity?

There is no single event, procedure or training apparatus that will cause a bird to act like this or that, be an uncontrollable screamer, feather self mutilator or toe tapper (a neurological issue in some eclectus parrots)

Most people fail in raising captive birds because they don’t “speak bird”. It is essential to look at a pet bird holistically because every component of their life impacts their behavior.

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Not only is the cage set up important but what happens once the bird is out of the cage is very important – to the bird. Diet and nutrition have a major impact on a bird but so does the fact that the bird has clipped wings or is flighted. Having full-spectrum light on a timer 12 hours a day and 12 hours of darkness during the night the night.

Females parrots react differently than males especially when they are in their brooding mode. Then you’ll find different personalities based upon the sex of a given species.

How much foraging and enrichment is available for any particular bird is a huge factor in determining their overall personality – happy bird or sad bird.

Birds are flock animals. When you bring them into your home you (and all other household members) will become their flock. If you want to see a personality change in a parrot, add a second parrot into the mix which is what many people do thinking that they will solve the first parrots behavioral problems.

What ends up happening is that the two birds end up cutting you the human out of the deal changing the dynamic from pet bird companion to zookeeper and the birds personality.

I can’t get my macaw to eat any vegetables, what should I do?

I’d start with cooked peas as they have twice as much protein than broccoli. The higher sugar content makes peas more palatable. Our Senegal is very active so I don’t worry about the dextrose/sucrose (good sugar)

She gets a base diet of Hagen Tropimix or Higgins Safflower Gold most of which is foraged in enrichment boxes spread about our home

Most cage bird-keepers trying to sustain their birds on a “fresh diet” are actually creating malnutrition in their birds – I have the data if anyone is interested

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