Do power lines affect the health of birds, when they perch on them?

quaker parrot nest in electrical transformer
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Do power lines affect the health of birds, when they perch on them?

I can’t speak to power lines but I know that Quaker parrots are colonial animals. They build large nests where a whole colony can live enabling them to survive brutal Chicago winters.

A heat source they seek out and build their nests in is electrical transformers. CommEd has access to a number of Quaker rescues who will come and get the birds when requested.

Without fail many malformations will be found on birds who had been living in the nest on the electrical transformer

I learned something interesting at a Greater Chicago Caged Bird Clubmeeting. CommEd would remove the nest from transformers and the birds would rebuild it very quickly, over and over.

They called the club for advice admitting that they wished they had workers as efficient as these diligent little Quaker parrots. Upon investigation by club members, it was determined the problem was that workers where taking the nests out before the birds had a chance to lay any eggs.

They were advised to wait for the eggs to be laid and then remove the nests which would indicate to the birds that this was not a good place to build a nest as a was not safe for their babies – problem solved

Please watch the video till the end – you will be amazed!

What factors contribute to the lifespan of a parrot?

Diet – exercise – flighted or clipped – cage environment – outside the cage environment sex frequency of bathing – other feather flock members – human flock members – lighting and light cycles – foraging and enrichment opportunities – clicker training

How long can lovebirds be left alone?

I’d recommend no more than overnight. Like all parrots they need fresh food water and social stimulation.

Can disinfectant hurt birds?

I have a bird table and I’m unsure whether the disinfectant I used to clean it could harm the birds. I used a Dettol Disinfectant which contains ethanol Alkyl, Dimethyl, Benzyl Ammonium and Sacchorinate (contains perfume) could this harm the birds, I wet it and semi-dried it then put feed on.

Me: Please stop trying to poison your bird and use a bird safe disinfectant like Pet Focus from Mango Pet

What are some tips on training/acclimating a formerly abused cockatiel?

We just adopted two birds from a local breeder and it seems like one of the birds is missing all the feathers on his face, and is extremely jittery and mistrusting (never leaves the cage, will bite if provoked) – any tips on how to properly train and care for him?

Watch the video. Try to get a clicker but you can snap your fingers just as easily. Use millet as the treat which puts several inches between the bird speak in your fingers.

The millet will entice the bird to the edge of the cage perhaps on the door opening. That would be a good start don’t force the bird to leave the cage. Spend 3 to 5 minutes a day doing clicker training.

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