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budgie hanging upside down from tinsel
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I have recently purchased a new parakeet (Budgie)

As my beloved 7 yr old Sparky died. He is very young as the cere above his beak is just changing color from white to blue.

When I cover his cage at night he is on his top perch but when I get up in the morning Budgie is hanging upside down from the top of his cage. He has a perch high up but moves to the roof when I am sleeping. Any ideas?

Martie H

We are sorry for your loss. To your point none whatsoever Martie. Birds will be birds. It would be interesting to know when he makes the move, if he is anticipating getting let out in a certain time?

Birds know the precise time of the day. BTW the hanging upside down in place is not a lot of stress on his feet. Birds have no muscles in their feet so there’s nothing to get stressed out just 2 long tendons that lock the feet in place based upon the angle of the ankle.

Cockatiels hang upside down a lot. We called our all white Popcorn “bat bird”

File under “one thing leads to another”

Saw your blog post about the green cheek conure cage set up.

I’m particularly interested in a Hagen grooming perch. I have a parrotlet. Does Hagen (I think that’s what you called it) make a size small enough for him?

I need a perch that attaches with a metal bolt and wingnut since the other type of grooming perch (with large, black plastic screw and cap) only attaches to vertical bars and our cage has horizontal, 1/2 inch spacing. Thank you.

Name: Carol P

Sorry about the audio that was a Facebook live which we have now done twice and twice have had audio issues. We’re going back to the old-fashioned way and shoot scene by scene uploaded to YouTube and editing from there it is always much cleaner thank you for the feedback.

Extra – small – Please let us know if the extra small grooming perch worked out

Here is a more granular view of how grooming perches work

How many years does a green cheek conure live?

Jennie O.

Hi Jennie

The experts will tell you 25-30 years, maybe. The exact life expectancy of any bird varies so much. A bird that is re-homed five times is going to have a shorter lifespan than a bird who was with the same humans his entire life as an example. A bird in the wild has more exercise and more food variety but can be eaten by a predator  long before it dies due to old age.

I try to provide an in-depth answer on bird life spans in this blog post. Please let us know if you have further questions

I have an 8 year old TAG (Timneh African Grey Parrot).

Her diet now is mostly safflower seeds and cashews. She weighs the same thing as she did when she was 6 months old.

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