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She rejects all other seeds. She likes some cluttered dairy, cheese, grapes oranges and pistachios. What do you recommend I try to give her for a better diet. She has no behavioral problems. She spends 12 hours in a separate night cage. She is free flighted during the day.

Catherine Tobsing replied

Dear Martha

Only a DNA blood test can truly tell you if you bird is doing well or suffering from the diet you are feeding it.

Please note dairy is un-digestible by parrots and goes through your bird intact. As long as you are not giving her a lot that could gunk up her digestion then that is fine.

Citrus can cause heartburn like issues if given too late in the day so it sits in the crop. Best to give in very small bits earlier in the day so it can be combined with other foods to escort it through the system without sitting alone in the crop. Grapes are fine but really should be well washed, organic or not, grapes get a load of pesticides.

The sleep time sounds great as well as the free flight.

Getting more veggies into her would be the main area I would try. Hanging a slice of leafy romaine every morning over the food dish encourages it to be pulled and ripped at and maybe even eaten.

Some folks try to remove the food (seed, pellet, etc) dish in the morning and replacing with a dish of cut up veggies and fruits for a few hours before replacing with the original dish.

I would consider a multi-vitamin that you sprinkle onto the wet food (fruits, cheese, etc) as she is not getting enough in the nuts and seeds alone. Calcium powder sprinkled as well is good.

I hope this helps.

Greencheek conure emergency/torn lower beak & tongue.

Vet recommends syringe feeding. What do you sell & could you FedEx Overnight? Many thanks, 


Dear Gena

I am so sorry for your poor birdie. We do have syringes here. We have hand feeding formula and also, Mash both can be fed via syringe.

I have this 60 cc/mm syringe on the website for $3.00 which can be used and washed out after each use.

editors note: beaks are being rebuilt with 3d printing

toucan with prosthe

I have Adult Lifetime Mash in stock today, I won’t have the High Potency Mash in until Tuesday. (back in stock)

This food is one that can be cooked, blended and fed with a syringe for a good nutrition. L’Avian Bean Cuisine is another good choice for a “soft bird food”

What has your vet suggested you feed your bird with? You can take any pellet and grind it up and add hot water to make a slurry to feed your bird.

Please give me a call toll free at 877-287-0810 and we can discuss a shipment that can go out today.

Does your avian vet have the supplies and food you need now? Please let me know if I can help with an order today.

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