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Chatting with Guest

You: hello how can I help

Visitor: which blend of Goldenfeast bird food would be best for a parrotlet without being of a powder consistency

You: are you seeking a pellet or a food mix?

Visitor: food mix. no pellet. he does not like pellet food.

You: The two smallest mixes are Australian Blend which does have very small bits and the next up would be Petite Hookbill

You: anything else?

Visitor: no. thank you for your help

Good morning! I’m just wondering if you have a favorite budgie seed.

My 3 budgies have FINALLY (mostly) transitioned away from seed, but they still enjoy some. There seem to be so many choices–any favorites? Thanks! Betsy

Dear Betsy

I am partial to Hagen Living World Budgie mix because it is a complete diet in a bag.

Seed, dried veggies and fruits and tiny Tropican pellets too. It was devised to be used at the Hari institute where they breed and research birds. They did not want to constantly disturb the birds by cleaning up the big mess of fresh fruits, etc and made this formula which is cleaner. It is one of our biggest sellers for Budgies.

You said that you have transitioned them off seed. I assume you are using a pellet? If so, you may not want to use Hagen Budgie as it already has pellets.

After that, most Parakeet seed mixes are very much the same, millet plus some oats and maybe some dried greens.

We find a big change though for them with Goldenfeast bird foods.

These items are unique and are very popular.

Goldenfeast Basic’s Plus for Parakeets has a lot of canary seed in it which is not usually found in other keet seed mixes. It is enjoyed by the keets and may be lower in fat than the millet mixes alone.

Goldenfeast Australian Blend contains ingredients that are so yummy and smell so good. Many folk will use as a dressing for their regular keet seed and pellets.

Goldenfeast Petite Hookbill, a slightly larger mix that contains a great combination for seeds, dried veggies and more.

Goldenfeast Goldn’Obles lll (Small beak) which are tiny pellets. These are unique in that they are the ONLY pellet without corn which is mainly a filler and has been known to cause gout in birds. The first ingredient is Quinoa which is a great high protein grain.

I hope this helps –

Thanks Catherine! I followed your advice about a month ago and made Birdie Bread the Harrison’s original mix, stirring in a lot of the Harrison’s pellets. I also stirred in some seed, just to sweeten the deal, so to speak. They loved this, and it enabled me to actually get them to EAT the formulated diet rather than just picking through the plain pellets to eat the seeds.

The only item you listed that I’ve tried is the Goldenfeast Australian Blend, which they liked a lot. I used it as a “condiment” rather than the entree.

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