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At California Cage, we are committed to the excellence of the products and the services that we offer. From beginning to end quality is our goal. Every aspect, from the material we use to packaging and customer service, is constantly analyzed and improved. The combination of these aspects guarantees the quality that our customers have come to rely on.

Quality Material and Parts

All California Cages are made with 100% US made industrial quality parts, which gives the cage a strong and durable structure.

• Class One U.S. made wire.
• MIG Welding to insure durability.
• Each piece inspected and quality verified various times.

Quality Design

• Solid frame and base insures sanitary and sturdy environment.
• Rounded corners and solid tubing means that few corrosive deposits can form.
• Spacing provided for cage grates and trays is no larger than that of bar spacing, preventing bird from dangerously escaping through these spaces.
• Horizontal tubing throughout cage expands surfaces on which bird can climb.
• N0-mess feeder doors are easy-to-use and keep your bird’s environment sanitary.
• Bird-proof latches are attractive and functionally superior.

Quality Finish

California Cages Company was one of the first companies to ever use powder coat to finish cages. This trend quickly caught on with other cage brands; nonetheless, our powder coat process is second to none. Our powder coating system is custom made and lab tested to meet our safety standards and quality requirements. Our system has three mayor steps to ensure a durable finish including the following:

1. Pretreatment System: Our 5 stage power washing system insures perfect conditions for paint adhesion and durability.

2. Application: Computer controlled to ensure precise results and consistent quality.

3. In House Laboratory: All California Cages are quality inspected during every process in order to ensure that the product you receive will be the highest quality.


Bird cage buying questions answered

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Bird cages are investments, spend wisely
The bird cage has to meet not only the requirements of your birds but should blend with your lifestyle.
The cage may reside in a casual family room or a formal living room. Maybe you’re lucky (or crazy) enough to have a bird room.

There’s a lot of factors and everyone has an opinion. Here’s ours….

Birds are flock animals.
When they become your pet, you become their flock.
What Size Cage?

Have you heard “buy the biggest cage you can afford”? Nonsense! We know happy well adjusted Macaws living in 30″ diameter round cages. How could they, you gasp?

The three Macaws I’m referring to have stay-at-home mom. They are out from 6:00 in the morning till 9:00 at night and are thrilled to go to sleep in their narrow cages.

So before you decide on a cage, you need to know what bar spacing to look for:

As long as the spacing between the bars is narrow enough to prevent injury if the bird tries to escape. The Bird’s head should not be able to fit between the bars. The door needs to be large enough to comfortably put your hand through, catch the bird, remove the bird, and replace the bird. For larger birds, it needs to be big enough so they don’t rub feathers on the bars every time they turn around. And like people, birds like to stretch (I know an African Grey that does Yoga). Just don’t cramp the bird.

Here’s some general guidelines:

SMALL: Examples, Finches, Canaries, Parrotlets, Parakeets, Lovebirds: Cage Bar Spacing: No more than 5/8″.Perch Diameter: 3/8″ to 3/4″

MEDIUM: Examples: Cockatiels, Conures, Lories, Senegals. Cage Bar Spacing: 1/2″ to no more than 3/4″
Perch Diameter: 5/8″ to 1 1/4″

LARGE: Examples: African Greys, Amazons, Macaws, Cockatoos. Cage Bar Spacing: 3/4″ to no more than 1 1/4″.
Perch Diameter 1″ to 2″

What Species?

Different species, different needs.

Small species (Finches, Canaries, Lovebirds and Parakeets) deserve wider cages because birds travel side-to-side. Many of the small species never leave their cages. You have to let them fly because it’s heart healthy.

Medium and larger birds have a different set of needs. So let’s apply some common sense. Do you have a big bird? Are you away a lot? Then try to get a bigger cage. (Would you like to spend all day in a room the size of a closet?)

Bigger cages allow birds move about much like we move about our home. Ideally parrots like three zones. The upper zone, should have lots of toys and “cover”. Birds feel safe up high, not easily seen, like in the wild. (Don’t we feel comfy in our bedrooms?)

The middle zone is where they’ll spend the day, playing with toys, eating, hanging out.

The bottom is where they’ll go to look for food and toys that may have dropped. Parrots are scavengers in nature.

Do I need feeding doors

We suggest feeding doors for a couple of reasons. For the smaller birds, its less invasive than stick a hand in the cage. If you go away for a day or more with a larger bird, feeder door enable “bird sitters” to replace food and water without placing their hands in the cage.

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Customer Testimonials Windy City Parrot Since 1993

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After 8 years of bird shows, Catherinelaunched just before Midnight December 31st, 2001. By 6:00 AM New Years day 2002, Windy City Parrot, received it’s first web order.

Since then we’ve had more than 3,000,000 web visitors and fulfilled more than 50,000 orders

What Our Customers are Saying




Thanks Catherine


You run a very efficient operation!


I will highly suggest You to all of my Bird Owner friends!


Thank You From Dwight, Buckeye and Ralph!

Thank you and your staff for the prompt attention to the shipping problem in regards to my cages from Prevue. I’m so thankful I found Windy City Parrot.

I have breed birds since I was very young and it’s nice to be able to go to one site and get everything I need.

Just want to express long-overdue appreciation for the wonderful (and often funny) pics you post on your website and e-mails. In particular, I really got a kick out of the budgie-with-a-buck & the macaw hand in today’s e-mail. Very creative! 🙂


On Jan. 3rd (2010) I was online trying to find a UV lamp for my cockatiel’s cage. Luckily I found your site and made an order…#41683 and 41685 and also got your holiday sale discounts.

The # 601 travel cage is super easy to put up and will be good for taking it with me on trips but the best is the No Mess feeder. There was always a mess around the cage but now none and also found how to take care of the millet mess.

I take about 3 inches of the millet spray, attach it to the millet clip and anchor it into the seed of the no mess feeder and that has solved that problem. So glad I found your site. Marilyn T

Happy New Year!


On Fri, Dec 18, 2009 at 1:09 PM, contact
Tracy: I just came back from Windy City Parrot. Catherine was not only
delightful but very educational. I learned a lot, bought many items not
only for the parrot but for the holidays, items for a friend with
Thanks for the referral. I will definitely be back often.

Mary Ann



Date: Wed, Nov 25, 2009 at 7:56 PM
Subject: Happy Thanksgiving
To: Catherine Tobsing <>

Hi Catherine:

Just wanted to give you feedback and wish you a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.

I purchased the Featherbrite light from you for my 13 yr. old Rescued U2. She really seems to like it. So thank you! Also, I am using the Avi-Soother cream plus for her seasonal plucking and it ALSO seems to be working! God is so good! The products are fantastic!

Thank you so much for your emails and all the wonderful products that you offer for our loved feathered friends!

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Payment-Order Options Shopping on

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We accept the following methods of payment for online orders:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • Public School Purchase Orders
  • University Purchase Orders
Our website offers a very secure shopping basket for credit card use (256 Bit SSL Encryption from Geotrust including mobile). However, for those of you that are not ready to place a credit card order online you can place your order by phone TOLL FREE at 1-877-287-0810.

When entering the billing address, please make sure the address you enter is the address where you receive your credit card billing statements. If you enter a different address, the processing of your order may be delayed.

In addition, we also accept phone orders, emailed or faxed orders.

1-877-287-0810 (out of Chicago Illinois Toll Free)
1-312-492-9673 (local)
1-312-492-9674 (FAX)

You can also mail us your order with a check or money order. Please include 9.25% tax for Illinois residents, Orders over $49 ship free – $5.99 Flat rate shipping if your order total is less than $49. These rates only apply in the Continental US 

Mail to:

906 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Free orders Shiping $49 or more

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$49 Orders Ship Free* 

in the continental US


Find shipping & return policieshere

Bulk food items priced per shipping zone**

All Cages, Stands & Aviaries (Over $49) Ship Free Too!

* Orders $49.00 or over ship for no additional cost. If products are returned, the outbound shipping cost spent to ship to you will be deducted from your refund. Plus a 10% restocking fee (25% on cages and stands)

** Why we offer zone shipping on large bags of bird food

On a 1 pound item the difference between FedEx zone 1 & zone 8 is only 32 cents. On a 20 pound bag of food the difference between FedEx zone 1 & zone 8 is $14.00. We feel by dividing that $15 up by zone we give those customers closer to the product a better value rather than just adding $15 to every bag of food.

You also know the cost up front with zone shipping so you don’t have to mess around with a shipping calculator which makes check out quicker.

Coupons – Frequently Asked Questions
Where do I enter the coupon code?

When you click the “Shopping Cart” link you’l be taken to the “Shopping Cart” Look for the words
“Have any gift certificates or promotional claims codes? Enter them here. Enter the coupon code and click the “Apply” button.

Some coupons will automatically populate the check out price without entering and offer the discount, look at your running total to see the discount applied.

Your discount will now be indicated in the right column along with a new total.
Can I use more than one coupon on the same order?

Time has taught us that it is wise to only offer one coupon per order.

Can I use a coupon AND redeem my Rewards?Yes

Do you ship Internationally? 

Yes, Please select the option below during check out which will give international shoppers the most accurate shipping rates including broker fees, VAT and duties.

– Outside the U.S. –

How to shop at Windy City Parrot

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Red Tail Cockatoo Parrot on Womans Shoulder
Red Tail Black Cockatoo & companion
What is the best way to shop at

There are several ways to shop at Easily find what you’re looking for with our Enterprose search
The easiest way, however, is by navigating through the site using the category tree on the left. These links will guide you directly into whichever product category you are interested in. Subcategories will appear that will allow you to further narrow your search. Simply click on the subcategory to quickly access the related items.Is check out complicated?

Three Steps –

  1. Click the “Shopping Cart” link towards the op on the right.
  2. Enter coupond code, gift certificate and/or rewads
  3. Select payment option.
  4. Enter shipping & payment info

That’s it!

Why creating an account is good

  • Every shopping cart you start on the site, whether you checkout or not can be recalled upon login
  • An account will keep your contact information (name, address, email) on file and speed up the check out process
  • Various promotions including points programs will require an account to be set up.

Can I ship my gifts directly to another person?

Of course! You can use to ship gifts directly to a different address. During the checkout process, simply indicate where you’d like your items sent.

You will be asked for a billing address as well as a shipping address. The billing address will be used for purposes of verifying your credit card payment. It is the shipping address, however, that will indicate where your items are going to be sent.

Will you send an order confirmation? will send you an order confirmation e-mail. It includes your order number, and confirms the shipping information you provided us.

The e-mail also lists each product you ordered and the price. If you have questions about your order confirmation, or if you don’t receive an order confirmation within 24 hours, contact

How do I know when to expect my order?
We will send you tracking numbers when your order ships. You may receive multiple tracking numbers if items are shipped from different fulfilment facilites

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Definitely! In fact, it has been shown that it is safer to use your credit card over the Internet than in a restaurant or department store. For more information regarding our online security, visit our Privacy Policy Statement.

Does charge sales tax?

State laws require Illinois based businesses (such as to charge sales tax of 9.75% on orders shipped within the state of Illinois.

If you place an order and have it shipped within the state of Illinois, sales tax will be automatically added to your order during check out.

We are currently not required to collect sales tax on orders shipped to residents of other states.

Does ship internationally?

Click here to see how easy it is to get your windy City Parrot order overseas

Can you send me a catalog?

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Privacy Policy Statement

This is the web site of

Our postal address is
906 N western Av
Chicago, IL 60622

We can be reached via e-mail at
or you can reach us by telephone at 312.492.9673

Customer information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred, or given to any other company for any reason whatsoever, without the consent of the customer, other than for the express purpose of delivering the purchased product or service requested by the customer.

Continue reading “ Privacy Policy”

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Windy City Parrot Return Policy

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DAMAGED SHIPMENTS: If your package arrives visibly damaged, refuse it and contact us immediately at 312-492-9673 (Chicago local) 877-287-0810 Toll Free (Chicago Suburban & Out of State) or contact us at you sign for a package or cage and do not report any visible damage to the driver we cannot file a claim with the shipping company for the damage and cannot be liable for the replacement or return of the products. Minor damage to a shipment can be saved so please contact us immediately for further assistance. All damages must be reported to us within 3 business days.
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Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique
906 N Western Ave (2400W-906 N) Chicago, IL 60622
10 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Thursday CST
10 AM to 3 PM on Fridays CST
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Call: 312-492-9673 during business hours for evening appointments
Hours can change depending on holidays, or other life’s events.
Please call ahead to insure we will be there for you.

View Larger Map

Click here for 24/7 Help Desk

Centrally located in Chicago for easy accessibility.

Free Street Parking. There are NO PARKING METERS near us.
For more Information on holiday hours for order pick ups or to visit
Please call 312-492-9673
877-287-0810: Toll Free (Chicago Suburban & Out-of-state)
Shipping hours will reflect store hours, our customer service help desk will also be active for questions and assistance.

Local customers: If you or your pet has an emergency cage or food need during these closures please contact our help desk and we will assist if possible.


Click here for Chicago area Avian Vets

Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique
I was fortunate enough to make the trip to Chicago to visit the Windy City Parrot store.They have everything from nest supplies to food to toys. Big toys, small toys and every toy in between. What they don’t have in stock they will look into ordering in for your birds pleasure.I saw bags of food from small 2 pound bags to the large 25 lb bags. They have Harrison’s, Zupreem and Lafebers Nutriberries galore and more. They have a huge variety of bird treats available. All foods are factory sealed, no open bins, no moths. They offer cages from finch and cockatiel size through to Amazon and Macaw size.

Prices are so reasonable even the penny pinchers wouldn’t mind paying. The quality of their products for the prices is just unbelievable. And if you are willing to make the drive it’s even better yet. For one, you get to shop once you get there and two there is no shipping charge on cash and carry products. Which brings me to this…they are also willing to ship most anything in their store.They stock Avian Disinfectants, Avian safe insect traps and Poop Off. Everything they have is bird safe. The disinfectant is effective against over 50 pathogens which includes viruses, fungi and bacteria. It is odorless as well and safe to clean cages with. A quart bottle of Pet Focus Concentrate makes 32 gallons.

The proprietors of Windy City Parrots are Mitch Rezman and his lovely wife Catherine Tobsing. While shopping Catherine was great help she handed out shopping baskets and gave price quotes and helped choose appropriate toys for each bird. I ordered a huge cage online and upon arrival at their store decided it was way too large. Mitch didn’t think twice about helping select a cage size better suited to fit my home, it even cut his sale price but didn’t hurt his feelings any. He then went out of his way to select additional food dishes and perches to fit my birds properly. Then Mitch helped me out with the cage and helped load it onto my truck and tied it securely. A big THANK YOU is extended from me to Mitch and Catherine for their service, much appreciated.

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How a bird cage is delivered to your home

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Let’s start at the beginning – Your parrot cage probably was built somewhere in Asia. (If they built them in the USA we’d sell them)

A robot (with a great personality) was used to build your cage – The factory is modern and all measures are taken to insure the bird cages sells – are bird safe!

At the factory, the cages are placed in cargo containers, then placed on a large ship destined for an American port

After the containers clear Homeland Security, the bird cages are trucked to one of our distribution centers

The cages are removed from the containers – it takes 2 men about a day.

When we get the order we’ll usually is ship the bird cage in 2 boxes

(This picture is representative and may not be the exact boxes your cage arrives in)

The taller box is 74″ Tall x 41″ Wide x 5″ deep and weighs 114 pounds. The smaller box is 31″ Tall x 41″ wide x 5″ deep and weighs 38 pounds


The trucking company will call you to schedule a delivery.

The palleted bird cage will arrive on a semi-trailer-truck (unless a smaller truck is requested due to street limitations) The driver may help you take it off the truck but he is not obligated unless you paid an additional $100 for lift gate service

They will arrive on a pallet and look something like this –
there will be additional protection on the corners & sides – click for image

They’ll be strapped to the pallet for a combined weight (including the pallet) of about 197 pounds. Your bird cage will have traveled more than 12,000 miles by the time it reaches your home

Truck shown with lift gate lowered

Then unless you have one of these………….

You have either carry the boxes in OR as I’ve done many times open the large box and bring each piece in one-at-a-time (fork lifts are really tough on carpet anyway) Apartment and condo dwellers – we feel your pain


Sorry we ran out!

Fill out this form and we will let you know when it comes back in stock

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