Is it normal for an Indian Ringneck to feed a Lovebird ?

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Do you know of anyone who makes cages for disabled birds? I’m looking for something probably made of plexyglass for a Congo. He/she is about 7 weeks old. Has a bad right leg. He is standing on his left & seems like he will perch. 

I’m going to be moving him into a plastic bucket that I can make perches for. If he learns to perch, I’ll be looking for a cage. It was an option to have the leg removed. I hate to have the leg removed if I don’t have to. It would get caught in any cage bars of the bird cages on the market. He’s a rescue that would have been put down if someone hadn’t taken him the day I got him. He’s such a sweet bird I hope to make his life as easy as possible. I really don’t want him to live in a plastic bucket :). Kathy’s Klutches

Hi Kathy – don’t over think the cage. Plexi would work against the bird physically as it would offer nothing to grab. A regular cage would be fine and if all possible the bad leg should be left intact.

A corner shelf or 2 to be installed for sure. Clear navigation paths withing the cage will be helpful – the bird will figure it out – here’s a video to help illustrate the problem as i understand it:

I wish my Congo African Greys leg was more like these big birds legs. It comes out on the side of his body about an inch from his tail & faces inward towards his body. He can scratch his head great :). I have been working it & it seems to have more motion now.

He gets so mad at it. He tries so hard to pull himself up to perch on his bucket. I’m really not sure if it will stop him. He works so hard to get around. If I can get him to learn to perch is the main thing.

I won’t let him spend his life on his stomach. Just wouldn’t be much of a life. He is supposed to be about 7 weeks old ( I was told he was 4 weeks when I got him ). He’s already so big & has a great personality. I just don’t have much experience with this & would love any advice I can get :). 

Have you thought about starting a Pinterest board with these vidio’s? Maybe save a few babies from being put down if people see how well they can manage :). Thanks for all your help

Treat him like a normal bird except for the additional shelf perches. You can also mount ladders horizontally. FYI you inspired us to create a Pinterest board for handicapped birds & parrots found here




Tropimix Egg Food by Hagen

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Dear Kristen,

Mitch at Windy City Parrots asked me to send you some bird food samples for your parakeets. Normally, we do not send sample sizes of our Parakeet size Tropican Egg Granules or Tropimix Egg Food. But, because Windy City Parrot is one of our premiere online supporters of our HARI Approved Bird Food Products, I told them I would make an exception. Therefore, enclosed you will find a 1.7 lb. Tropimix Egg Food for your young parakeets.

I would suggest mixing the Tropimix Egg Food into their normal food-and also adding a dish to their cage with only the Tropimix Egg Food. Tropimix Egg Food can be served moistened as well-just be sure to remove uneaten moist food after an hour.

In the message to WCP, you mentioned that they dig the food out of their cups. This is typical for youngsters. Yes…they are looking for something. Perhaps a food item they recognize and it’s not there. Parakeets are ground foragers and I would suggest that you offer some millet spray strategically located in their cage. This will help with their need to look for something. As millet spray and many seed based blends are insufficient in necessary vitamins and minerals, you can mist the millet spray with water just enough to moisten and dust the spray millet with Prime Vitamins. This is one of the sneaky yet fun ways in which we can get our little birds the vitamins and minerals they need– all while providing a foraging opportunity!

For more information on enrichment and care for your parakeets, please check our HARI Blog site: or our formal site for the Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI)


If you have any questions on our HARI Approved Products or care for your bird, please do not hesitate to contact me. And, I hope that you continue to support our HARI Approved products through fine on-line retailers such as Windy City Parrot.


Most Sincerely,


Melanie Allen

Food for Linneolated parakeets

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Dear Carolyn

We sell many brands of food for birds, but not one that is designated just for Linnies

Goldenfeast makes some very nice small bird foods.

I do not know if Linnies eat larger food than regular parakeets. But have read they may enjoy foods for Cockatiels. If so they may enjoy these foods.

AS an FYI – Linneolated Parakeets unlike their smaller counter parts will hold food with their feet which means you can introduce larger morsels.

We offer a lot of foods, quality varieties. If you would like further assistance, please call us toll free at 877-287-0810

Thank you.

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

Problem w/ Higgins Sunburst Resolved

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To all Concerned:

I have received a very generous shipment of food from Higgins Premium for which I thank you all so much.

Upon opening the Sunburst Gourmet Food Mix, I see that I indeed received a badly mixed batch the first time. This bag was nothing at all like the initial bag I received. This one was full of large fruit chunks, seeds, and whole nuts.

I am so glad that you sent me a replacement so that I could see what it should look like. My blue and gold macaw Pippin dove into the new food like a vulture, snapping her way through the filberts, seeds, and fruit this morning. There were happy dances in the cage all day long today.

Thank you also for the extra bag of <ahref=”product.asp?itemid=1377″>Mayan Harvest Tikal<spanstyle=”color: rgb(105,=”” 105,=”” 105);=”” “=””>. I will be interested to see how Pippin reacts to this bag of food, as it does have smaller seeds but a very nice variety along with bee pollen, vitamins, minerals, and even lactobacillus.

I will be more than happy to revise my review on the Windy City Parrot web site to include my satisfaction with the new bag of Sunburst as well as to compliment the Higgins Premium Pet Foods customer service team’s efforts to make customers feel valued and ensure their satisfaction.

I’m looking forward to trying the new <ahref=”product.asp?itemid=1396″>Worldly Cuisines Mundo Brazil cook-and-serve food as well. Thank you for including this lovely extra gift as well.

Best Regards,

Beth S.
A very happy customer!!! 

Thank you for your kind words Beth. It’s concerned pet owners like yourself that make Higgins work harder to produce the finest pet foods possible.

Let me know if there is anything further we can do to assist you.


Dean Reyes
EVP, Director of Marketing & Sales

The Higgins Group Corp.


Lafeber’s Birdito’s are ONLY available from Lafeber’s at this time

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My African Grey loves Lafeber’s Nutri-Nuts but the dyes make for cleanup issues and make it difficult to assess the birds droppings.

I contacted Lafeber and they confirmed that I cannot get the Nutri-Nuts without dyes anymore. They then came back and suggested Birdito’s as a possible option. They sent me a sample and Merlin loves them.

I order direct from their site but it is better for me to order from one place and save on shipping. The Birditos are fragile so shipping may be challenging with your method of box packing but I thought I would let you know there is a great product from a great company out there that might meet the needs of your customers. 

Eva M

I just called Lafeber’s and surprisingly the Birdito’s are ONLY available from them at this time. And mostly due to the fragility of them, by the time they would get to a distributor, then shipped to a customer, they might be crumbs. I suggested they might put them in a box instead of a bag, they liked that idea. 

Hopefully we will be getting to offer them in the future too. 

Still, let me know how your birds like them. 

Thank you

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique
906 N. Western Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60622
312.492.9673 ext 102
312.492.9674 Fax

Is Hagen Prime or Nekton S a better bird supplement?

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With all of the promotions and all the products that we’ve been adding to the website lately apparently there’s been a bit of confusion about which is better, Hagen prime vitamin mineral supplement or Nekton S multivitamin supplement for birds?

First of all it’s important to remember that it if you are feeding your bird and all seed diet, you should provide some sort of additional supplementation. If your bird is primarily eating bird food pellets, you really don’t need supplementation because pellets are engineered nutrition and contain all the supplements your bird parrot will need for balanced diet.
If you are serving your bird Hagen Living World seed blend, you should most definitely use the Hagan prime because it was developed to work in tandem with Hagen bird food products. Both products have the their own proprietary blends of vitamins minerals and trace elements and amino acids. Hagen Prime also has a unique combination of digestive enzymes, micro-encapsulated, sporulated probiotics (beneficial bacteria) and various acids which slightly acidify the final mixture. These living probiotics, such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, suppress the growth of potentially disease causing organisms and remain stable much longer in room temperatures.

The benefits of acidifying handfeeding food with Prime include maintenance of optimum conditions for crop lactobacillus, crop yeast and mold (candida) inhibition, acid replacement of the regurgitant usually secreted from the proventriculus of the parent bird improved digestive enzyme activity. The living bacteria in Prime produce metabolites which acidify and suppress the growth of pathogens. The net result is an overall synergistic response in changing local alimentary tract conditions to favour growth of normal flora.

Prime also has an exotic fruit flavor, which I read about but haven’t tasted. I’m not sure Nekton S taste like. 


NEKTON-S provides birds owners with a food supplement especially formulated to suit these needs. Its well-balanced composition of 13 vitamins, 18 free amino acids in the natural L form and minerals will help prevent deficiency diseases and increase the nutritional value of the diet.

NEKTON-S increases a bird’s resistance to disease and the pressures of moult, shows, acclimation, etc., as well as improving its productivity, especially during breeding. Give it daily to ensure your bird’s good health.

Because of the all-round beneficial effect of NEKTON-S, aviculturists, bird parks and zoological gardens have chosen it as a daily supplement for their birds for years with success.



NEKTON-S is a pet food supplement formulated to provide cage birds with the proper supply of the vitamins, mineral elements, and amino acids required daily to prevent deficiencies arising. NEKTON-S helps the smooth functioning of the entire metabolism and increases the nutritional value of food.

NEKTON-S strengthens body resistance, which helps a bird withstand pressure and reduces susceptibility to infection and diseases.

NEKTON-S improves a bird‘s general health and promotes proper functioning of all systems, particularly in breedingThere are a number of nutritive substances that must permanently form part of the dietary intake if an animal is to receive the correct nutrition. The lack of any one of these vital ingredients can have serious consequences for an animal‘s health and possibly lead to its death.

Bird food lines like Higgins and Volkman seed do not offer their own brand of supplements so either Prime or Nekton S would be a fine addition to your bird’s daily diet
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My bird really doesnt eat his fruits and veggies

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“My bird really doesnt eat his fruits and veggies like birds of his type do. Do you have any insight into what to do or what would be a good substitute so that he can be getting his daily vitamins?” 

Is your bird on a total seed diet? If so, it is not going to provide all he needs to live a long life. They do need to consume more than seeds. Even if he does not eat it every day, you must give him a small dish with something that is not seeds daily. EVERY DAY. Eventually he will pick at it and learn to enjoy it. 

I found it easy to use frozen mixed vegetables in the bag, generic is fine. I would take a bag of veggies and put into a plastic container in the freezer door and EVERY day dump a tablespoon or so into a shallow dish and set it in the cage. I also would add a small chunk of an apple, a grape cut in half and a dice sized bit of orange, That is the basics. 

You can also give him pomegranate seeds, cherries, a cut in half cherry tomato, a hunk of crunchy romaine lettuce, even a little dish with oatmeal, a bit of scrambled eggs, some cheerios moistened with water, juice or milk, anything. Just every day he gets a dish of something, remove before bedtime. 

This is also a good time to consider sprinkling a bird vitamin on the wet foods so the vitamins stick to the food and is not wasted.

These are good selections. 

Prime vitamin

Lafeber’s vitamin 

Nekton S 

I do not recommend putting vitamins in water as so much is wasted and bacteria can build up if the dish is not washed extremely well daily. 

I hope this will help. 

Thank you.

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

I have him on a organic pellet mix, altho it does have dried peppers and some seeds in it, but doesn’t seem to have as many pellets as I think it should. I mix it with some parrot food that has dried corn, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

I am also debating about getting just an organic pellet food to mix in, so that he has more pellets in his food. Do you think this is wise?? I make him a dish of apples, frozen peas, bananas, sometimes orange,frozen corn, lettuce, carrots and celery. Some dried fruit like mango, apricots, cherries and bananas and unsalted sunflower kernels. He only picks at it, more so throwing it around then anything else. 

He will chew on the carrots, celery and frozen peas and corn but only minimally. occasionally maybe the apples and a lil bit of the dried fruit. Just want to make sure that he is getting all the nutrients he needs. 


The best dry food for Eclectus

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Product Name: Dr. Harvey’s All Natural Bird Food No Seed Exotic Parrot Food

Headline: The best dry food for Eclectus
Name: John P
Location: Simi Valley, CA

Review: My female eclectus has been struggling with some toe tapping and a bit of feather plucking. I believe that the pellets that she was getting had too many vitamins in them. Switching to this food for the ~20% dry part of her diet has done wonders. I do have one question though… can people eat this food? It looks and smells delicious that I am incredibly tempted to share it with her!
Rating: 5

Dear John 

Yes, the Dr Harvey’s diet is human grade. I personally have eaten some of the items with Dr Harvey and they were all yummy. I am partial to the macadamia nuts. 

Thank you for the review.

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique


Click here to see all the Dr. Harveys Bird Food products

Why sugar is useful for bird nutrition

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The main note is that all ingredients used in ZuPreem products are deemed SAFE by the FDA. The Regulatory environment is advising that pet food manufactures change the word sucrose to sugar.


Here is a little more information about the use of sugar in ZuPreem products. Sugar is added to ZuPreem FruitBlend Flavor, Natural, AvianBreeder, and NutBlend/VeggieBlend Flavor diets. Sugars are also found in fruits that most birds eat and enjoy in the wild. 


After digestion, they travel through the bloodstream to body cells where they are used for energy, or stored for future use. Veterinary nutritionists at ZuPreem have added a small amount of sugar to our avian diets to supply readily available carbohydrate (CHO) energy, and to make sure our nutritionally complete diets are palatable. Sugar also adds to the enjoyment of many foods.


Human and animal health experts agree that carbohydrates, including starch and sugar, are an important part of a balanced diet. The key is to ensure the diet is balanced between CHO’s, proteins, and fats. Eliminating sugar and other CHO’s would result in a very poor, unbalanced diet.

Sue Lines
ZuPreem Territory Manager

Find all Zupreem bird food products here

Cockatoo Feeding Problems

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Just hoping this will work to stop my cockatoo from scraping out all of her food out of the bird cage feeder dish. Do you have any suggestions if you think this will work or if you carry anything better? 

How full are you filling the bird cage dishes? If to the top, the bird is just digging away to reach its favorites and dumping the rest. I recommend you fill the bird food feeder cups only a third to a half full and see if that helps. If you can, let the bird go without bird food a couple hours before giving a small scoop again. Your days off are good for this.

The bird sounds spoiled or it really does not like the food. What are you feeding it now? What kind of cockatoo and how old, how long have you had it?

Would you believe I barely cover the bottoms of the dishes with her food? It is costing me so much money in waste that it has just gotten completely out of hand. She is kind of naughty I have to admit., but a sweetheart also. 

I bought her a year ago and they said about 3 years old then. So anywhere from 3 to 5 years but has never laid an egg, so her age is questionable. Talked to a bird expert that told me cockatoos sexually mature at about 4 years old. So guessing she is possibly getting sexually mature.

She was already tossing out the food when I bought her, so the people were placing a dish in the bottom of the cage they had her in in the center of it to try to keep some of the mess inside the cage. I think that was a factor in finding her a new home. She is a smaller lesser sulfur crested cockatoo. 

She loves the food I give her but I have never yet to date seen a cockatoo that didn’t toss their food out. Have to admit though none I had before even came close to being as bad as the too I have now. I worry about her even getting enough to eat. 

As soon as I place the cup in the bird cage she goes to eat but when she goes to take the pellet, she is already tossing the food about until she has one in her beak. Then she stops and eats that, but then back to the same routine again for the next pellet. 

The people that had her fed her such a terrible diet so I am still trying hard to get her to even eat anything good for her. Slow process!

You’re are feeding pellets to a cockatoo? Although it is not unusual, we are hearing that cockatoo’s don’t always do well on pelleted diets. It does not satisfy their need of variety and foraging. 

Have you tried a mixed diet, seeds, pellets with fresh veggies table and fruit in another dish? 

This mix from Hagen bird food is very good, seeds, nuts, grains, pellets, dried fruits and veggies. A complete diet. 

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Hagen Tropimix Premium Large Parrot Bird Food Review

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80664 Hagen Tropimix Premium Large Parrot Bird Food 20 lb Bag
Product Name: 80664 Hagen Tropimix Premium Large Parrot Bird Food 20 lb Bag
Headline: Owner, Blue Line Kennel
Name: Heidi
Location: Waxhaw, NC

Review: For the larger birds that I own that need more than just pellets, this is the most cost effective food I have found. There is no waste from shells and it fills their need for more than pellets.

My birds are healthy and happy on this feed, and their feathers shine. Windy City is by far the cheapest place I have found to purchase this food, which I have been feeding for years.
Rating: 5

Island Fruit Treat Stick for Bourke’s parakeets

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Click for info on Higgins Island Food Treat Stick for Birds

Dear Windy City Parrot,

Overall, I was happy with the order. My only concern is the treat sticks I redeemed my points for are made for large hookbills and we have Bourke’s parakeets. If memory serves me correctly they were listed under the small birds section. Are these safe to give to our ‘keets? You may also want to check and see what section they are listed under. As always, love the customer service and follow-up!




Dear Amy 

I am back in the office and able to answer your question now. 

The treat stick. Island Fruit. 

It is indeed for larger birds and I checked and it is not shown in any categories for small birds. 

More than likely you clicked on a link to it from another treat and it took you to it, but it was not in a small bird category. The listing description states for medium to large birds as does the packaging for the treat stick.

 Yes, it is safe for your Bourke’s parakeets, but they may not eat all the pieces, you can smash it up for them and feed in a dish, they will enjoy picking out the bits they can, or you can give the stick to a friend with a larger bird. 

We will look at the titles for the sticks and see if we can add bird size to it to help those who click on it without reading the listing. 

Thank you for the heads up and the review. 

Catherine Tobsing
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique
906 N. Western Ave