Why How Intelligent Are Birds and Parrots Will Make You Question Everything

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Recently Science magazine ran an article entitled “Parrots, songbirds pack more neurons into their forebrains than most mammals”.

Now some scientists are saying that birds are way more intelligent than we ever thought because they somehow counted the total number of forebrain neurons – with soup (we’ll get to that in a bit)!

The study, published online in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that 28 bird species have more neurons in their pallial telencephalons, the brain region responsible for higher level learning, than mammals with similar-sized brains.

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Why do parrots scream a lot?

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Not all “ parrots”  scream.  South American birds including conures and macaw parrots as well as some Australian parrots like moluccan cockatoos can be quite noisy.  Conversely  African parrots from say the poicephalus family  are fairly quiet like senegals, myers and red bellies.

Big birds like moluccan cockatoos can scream quite loudly literally at levels that exceed the noise 747 Jumbo jet landing ( approximately 157 decibels).

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My bird won’t play with toys or eat new foods are two problems that solve each other

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A clear theme that emerges after reading endless threads on Facebook bird groups is “my bird won’t play with toys” – “my bird doesn’t play with toys” “my bird only wants to chew the keys off my notebook computer”

From wikipedia we learn: Ho·lis·tic – hōˈlistik – adjective – characterized by comprehension of the parts of something as intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

Another way of putting it is “we are not connecting the dots” Bird food is connected to bird toys which are connected to bird cages and bird stands and everything has to work together.

There is a large overlap of caged bird keepers who claim the birds will eat nothing new nor with a play with toys – which is the problem and the solution – we need to combine the toys with the food – for starters.

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Your 2017 caged bird keepers to-do list

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My bird(s) will get proper lighting using a timer to provide an accurate light cycle

I will get my bird(s) DNA tested so the next time I ask mitchr a question he will know if the behavior may be sexually oriented

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Clicker training videos for birds – from tricks to flight

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It is opaque to me as to why cage bird keepers refuse to embrace clicker training. We spend hundreds (thousands) of dollars on birds, equipment, toys, accessories and food (thank you very much) but we spend so little time actually “training” these incredibly smart animals.

Much like those taking their dogs for a “drag” in the morning on my way to work – I see no control exerted by the humans.

Isn’t having a pet that responds positively to your behavior requests infinity more enjoyable?

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