Flight Suit Sizing

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Size Chart – 2 (by suit size)

Adults; Younger (less than 5 months old), immature or lean
birds MAY be better served by the next smaller size in each category.(PLEASE chose carefully, Flight Suits, Leashes, Harnesses are not accepted for return or exchange)
Petite – fits most Parrotlets, American Parakeets, Smaller Lovebirds and similar

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Bird cage dish for older cage issues

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Find all our bird cage crocks & dishes here

I ordered these dishes for my cage using the dimensions you listed on your website which are #01 dish measures 5″ across the top including lip. (4 1/2″ not including lip) 3″ tall.

When I received these dishes which was on friday feb 3rd I checked them and they do not fit my cage.And the reason they do not fit is because they are not the dimensions you state on your website.

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Are Himalayan Salt Lamps to Parrots what Coal Mines Were to Canaries?

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Editor’s note: some of you may remember my journey enabling my mother’s return to Chicago Arlene (my mom) has been on five of the seven continents. Eight years ago at the tender age of 76 she spent three weeks traveling to China.

The Himalayas span five countries: India, Nepal, Bhutan, China (Tibet), and Pakistan, with the first three countries having sovereignty over most of the range. At the time, China had not closed the border to Tibet and she was able to spend three days there. According to mom the majesty, environment and the purity of the air you breathe in the Himalayas – cannot be understated.

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Is corporate management of your bird – the future?

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In the news recently – Petco Animal Supplies Inc (over 1000 stores) announced plans to acquire Drs. Foster & Smith (over $200,000,000 in est annual sales). The purchase price was not disclosed.

Also, London-based private equity firm BC Partners has won the auction for retailer PetSmart Inc (almost 1200 stores) in an $8.7 billion deal. 
corporate meeting with african grey on conference table
The new corporate bird care dream team
So I’ll dispense with my normal exuberant verbosity and powers of persuasion to simply ask. Who do you feel will help empower you to be the best caged bird keeper ever – them 
or us? 
catherine tobsing & mitch rezman in the birdie boutique
thank you for your time
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Win $250 by sharing a pic of your bird’s cage

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Winner of the most recent Windy City Parrot
$250 Birdcage Makeover Sweepstakes
(no worries more to come soon 🙂
Meet LuLu – Companion to Alex and Doreen from Beacon, NY
he is a 8 1/2 yo cockatiel that eats pellets and doesn’t talk
Winner $250 Birdcage Makeover Sweepstakes
“Hi i am Lulu and my cage needs a definite makeover
does anyone have the number of any bird interior decorators?”
Please congratulate Lulu below (in the comments section)

How do I calculate international shipping rates on all this cool bird stuff?

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To determine international shipping charges on Windy City Parrot Navigate to


  • place items in the cart
  • click the shopping cart link at the top of the page
  • and then click the “INTERNATIONAL CHECKOUT” button 

International checkout button

Hope that helps


Wrong Lixit Water Bottle Ordered

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Yesterday I received my order number WCP-57541 (3 32oz Lixit bottles and 3 32oz Lixit stoppers). I realized immediately upon opening the box that I had purchased the incorrect size – what I really need are 3 16oz Lixit bottles and 3 16oz Lixit stoppers). 

I’d like to return these and exchange them for the 16oz versions. Please advise how to do this. I purchased the bottles when you were having one of your sales (I believe 10% off?) and I purposely purchased enough to get free shipping. 

My total (with discount and free shipping) came to $66.04. I’d be happy to do an exact exchange for the 16oz bottles and stoppers, even if they would cost less. 

Also, I’d like to place the order for the 16oz bottles and stoppers ASAP. Please let me know the most convenient (for you) and cost effective (for me) way of doing this.

Thank you very much! 


Dear Chrsitina

I am sorry you ordered the wrong size bottles on your order.

You can ship them to our store at the address below for a refund minus the cost of shipping we paid to send them to you.

Please pack carefully so the items do not break on their way to us. We cannot refund for broken product returns, insuring the package may be prudent.

If you re-order the correct bottles, before we receive the return, we will waive the 10% restocking fee.

All returns must be made within 30 days of your receipt of the shipment (by 9/19)

You can go ahead and order the ones you need online any time.

We currently have a special free shipping at $49.00 so it is a good time to save on shipping costs.

I can give you a one time only 10% off coupon for this order XXXX, use it during check out for the 10% off you received prior.

If you have any difficulties, please call me at 312-492-9673. 10 am CST to 5 PM.

Thank you

Catherine Tobsing, President
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

Well known Windy City Parrot Customers

Shipping Options

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Shipping Options

Listed below are our standard shipping services. If you have special needs please call 312-492-9673 (Chicago local) 877-287-0810 Toll Free (Chicago Suburban & Out of State) or contact us

Orders placed by 1:00 PM CST typically ship within 1-5 business days. We ship from several locations across the United States depending on the items ordered. This will determine shipping time as well.

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Over 80,000 Orders – Windy City Parrot Testimonials

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After 8 years of bird shows, Catherine launched WindyCityParrot.com just before Midnight December 31st, 2001. By 6:00 AM New Years day 2002, Windy City Parrot, received it’s first web order.

Since then we’ve had more than 8,000,000 web visitors and fulfilled more than 70,000 orders

What Our Customers are Saying 
10/6/2015 It doesn’t matter if I liked the toys. It’s all up to my Amazon parrot Oliver and he loves them! I purchased mostly things he could hold in his foot. Like Bamboo Boxes, Wooden Cheepstix, Woven Vine Chew Balls, Munchie Woven Vine Chew, Chewy Stars, Craft Sticks, Cork Rings.

Each morning after breakfast I give him a couple of toys. He goes to town chewing them up and making a mess for me to clean up. ;o) He likes watching me clean it up. lol Which I don’t mind at all. The ones he didn’t finish he put them into his pellet dish for later. Oliver rates them a 10 for toys he enjoys.

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