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We like when you visit us. We see no reason for you to dash off just to see what your college roommate (that you recently connected with after 22 years)
made for dinner. We’ve got more than 300 bird related videos on this site. How many cat videos can you really watch?
Personally I (mitchr) think parrots were the god-feathers of social media. I state my case here. If you must find us in any these noisy places, we’ll be the ones with poop stains on the back of our clothing. 
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Windy City Parrot History

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Catherine Tobsing – President
Shown with Sunshine 
Mitch Rezman- Vice President


About Windy City Parrot
Toll Free 1-877-287-0810

Open House Gallery

Windy City Parrot was hatched in 1993. It is comprised of the following entities. – Internet Sales
Website launched 12/31/01 – We ship to North America, Europe, Asia and Australia Monday through Friday.
Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique
Open 5 days a week with the best selection of bird & parrot supplies in the Midwest

About the owners

Catherine Tobsing is the President of Windy City Parrot, Inc. Catherine enjoyed exotic birds as a hobby for many years before becoming an avian supply vendor in 1993. The birth of came on the heels of reduced bird fair attendance after 9/11.

Opening the first Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique on Chicago’s northwest side enabled feathered companion enthusiasts to benefit from the feedback Catherine received at more than 500 avian events spanning a decade.

Undaunted by the total loss of her business due to devastating fire on June 23rd 2005, Catherine’s management ability was stretched to the limit with hundreds of orders and no inventory or computers..

Overcoming that tragedy and 2 moves later, Catherine oversees fulfillment from the new compact Birdie Boutique in Chicago’s Ukrainian village at 906 N. Western Ave.

When she’s not overseeing shipping she is the buyer for all the many food, toy and care product categories at excepting cages & stands which Mitch orders.

Catherine enjoys collecting antique parrot objects d’art and antique furniture, books, traveling, camping and spending time with friends and family.

Mitch Rezman is Vice President and General Manager. Mitch’s history of outside sales covers two tangible product sales categories over 25 years. He brings fresh marketing views to a once cottage industry. As a managing partner in a 110 sales person home improvement organization, and a manufacturer’s rep for 18 branded lines working through regional and national wholesale distributors, Mitch has enabled Windy City Parrot to enjoy unprecedented growth.

In June 2005 the Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique suffered a fire that took the store from us. In September 2005 the Windy City Parrot Outlet Center opened at Fulton St and Damen Ave in Chicago on the Near West Loop side of Chicago.

We then moved to a larger facility in April 2008 but soon felt the space was unsustainable due to the rapid economic downturn.

Downsizing to financially fit the new economic landscape we now fulfill internet and phone orders Monday through Friday at our new, smaller Birdie Boutique in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village, just 3 blocks from our home. The store is packed with over 200 quality varieties of food and treats, loads of bird toys and care items, brands like Lixit, Booda, Prevue, Goldenfeast, Harrisons, Roudybush, too many to list here. Our additional bird cage & parrot stand showroom is available to help you select your pet bird’s new home too.

Windy City Parrot
906 N Western Ave.
Chicago IL 60622

Mitch on his Triumph Rocket 3
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Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique Store Hours

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Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique
906 N Western Ave (2400W-906 N) Chicago, IL 60622
10 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Thursday CST
10 AM to 3 PM on Fridays CST
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Call: 312-492-9673 during business hours for evening appointments
Hours can change depending on holidays, or other life’s events.
Please call ahead to insure we will be there for you.
 2016 Holiday Hours: Closed Thursday, November 24 for Thanksgiving. Will be open for a few hours Friday, November 25. Please call 312-492-9673 to make sure we are there before venturing out. Have a great holiday.
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Click here for 24/7 Help Desk 

Centrally located in Chicago for easy accessibility.

Free Street Parking. There are NO PARKING METERS near us. 
For more Information on holiday hours for order pick ups or to visit 
Please call 312-492-9673
877-287-0810: Toll Free (Chicago Suburban & Out-of-state)
Shipping hours will reflect store hours, our customer service help desk will also be active for questions and assistance. 

Local customers: If you or your pet has an emergency cage or food need during these closures please contact our help desk and we will assist if possible. 


Click here for Chicago area Avian Vets

Windy City Parrot Birdie Boutique

I was fortunate enough to make the trip to Chicago to visit the Windy City Parrot store.They have everything from nest supplies to food to toys. Big toys, small toys and every toy in between. What they don’t have in stock they will look into ordering in for your birds pleasure.I saw bags of food from small 2 pound bags to the large 25 lb bags. They have Harrisons, Zupreem and Lafebers Nutriberries galore and more. They have a huge variety of bird treats available. All foods are factory sealed, no open bins, no moths. They offer cages from finch and cockatiel size through to Amazon and Macaw size.

Prices are so reasonable even the penny pinchers wouldn’t mind paying. The quality of their products for the prices is just unbelievable. And if you are willing to make the drive it’s even better yet. For one, you get to shop once you get there and two there is no shipping charge on cash and carry products. Which brings me to this…they are also willing to ship most anything in their store.They stock Avian Disinfectants, Avian Safe Insect Traps and Poop Off. Everything they have is bird safe. The disinfectant is effective against over 50 pathogens which includes viruses, fungi and bacteria. It is odorless as well and safe to clean cages with. A quart bottle of Pet Focus Concentrate makes 32 gallons.

The proprietors of Windy City Parrots are Mitch Rezman and his lovely wife Catherine Tobsing. While shopping Catherine was great help she handed out shopping baskets and gave price quotes and helped choose appropriate toys for each bird. I ordered a huge cage online and upon arrival at their store decided it was way too large. Mitch didn’t think twice about helping select a cage size better suited to fit my home, it even cut his sale price but didn’t hurt his feelings any. He then went out of his way to select additional food dishes and perches to fit my birds properly. Then Mitch helped me out with the cage and helped load it onto my truck and tied it securely. A big THANK YOU is extended from me to Mitch and Catherine for their service, much appreciated.

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Well known Windy City Parrot Customers

Over 80,000 Orders – Windy City Parrot Testimonials

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After 8 years of bird shows, Catherine launched just before Midnight December 31st, 2001. By 6:00 AM New Years day 2002, Windy City Parrot, received it’s first web order.

Since then we’ve had more than 8,000,000 web visitors and fulfilled more than 70,000 orders

What Our Customers are Saying 
10/6/2015 It doesn’t matter if I liked the toys. It’s all up to my Amazon parrot Oliver and he loves them! I purchased mostly things he could hold in his foot. Like Bamboo Boxes, Wooden Cheepstix, Woven Vine Chew Balls, Munchie Woven Vine Chew, Chewy Stars, Craft Sticks, Cork Rings.

Each morning after breakfast I give him a couple of toys. He goes to town chewing them up and making a mess for me to clean up. ;o) He likes watching me clean it up. lol Which I don’t mind at all. The ones he didn’t finish he put them into his pellet dish for later. Oliver rates them a 10 for toys he enjoys.

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Free Shipping Orders Over $49 and $6 ships small orders

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$49 Orders Ship Free* in the continental US

$6 Flat rate shipping** if your order total is less than $49

Free shipping does not apply to locations out of the 48 contiguous US States, military or air force bases (unless you have a street address, NO PO Boxes).
Find shipping & return policies here

All Cages, Stands & Aviaries (Over $49) Ship Free Too!

  • * Orders $49.00 or over ship for no additional cost. If products are returned, the actual outbound shipping cost spent to ship to you will be deducted from your refund. Plus a 10% restocking fee (25% on cages and stands)
  • ** Orders Under $49.00 Shipped at $6. If products are returned, the actual outbound shipping cost spent to ship to you minus the $5.99 will be deducted from your refund. Plus a 10% restocking fee (25% on cages and stands).
Do you ship Internationally? 

We ship to more than 150 countries using a global shipping partner. They will determine not only the cost of shipping but any duties and taxes that may be applicable in your country. You will have the option to pay in your own currency, US dollars or the currency of your choice


Where do I enter a coupon code?

When you click the “Shopping Cart” link you’ll be taken to the “Shopping Cart” Look for the words:

“Have any gift certificate codes or promotional claims codes? Enter them here.

Enter the Gift Certificate code and click the “Apply” button. 

Enter the coupon code and click the “Apply” button.
Some coupons will automatically populate the check out price without entering and offer the discount, look at your running total to see the discount applied.

Your discount will now be indicated in the right column along with a new total.

Can I use more than one coupon on the same order?
Time has taught us that it is wise to only offer one coupon per order.

Can I use a coupon AND redeem my Rewards?
Yes, while logged in and before checking out, you can redeem your points on 100’s of items. Just look for the long green and white banner under the green Add To Cart button that shows the amount of points needed to redeem that item. If you have enough points, click on the banner and it will be added to your order free of charge.Check your Rewards Points balance in your account when you log in to place an order.Can I use a coupon AND a Gift Certificate code?


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