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Macaw in Rain Barrel


Chicago Area Bird Clubs

The Avicultural Society of Chicago
Greater Chicago Cage Bird Club
West Suburban Cage Bird Club
Michiana Bird Society

Bird Training

The Polite Parrot Michelle Karras

US Pet Emergency Site
 | AVMA Disaster Preparedness Site for veterinarians

Avian Rescues

Leave it 2 the Birds, Inc.
Mickaboo Cockatiel Rescue
Knapptime Adoption Rescue and Education

Chicago Area Vets & Boarding

Algonquin Animal Clinic

Animal Ark Veterinary Clinic P.C.

Animal House of Chicago

Associations of Avian Veterinarians

Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital

Green Trails Animal Clinic - Dr. Ruth Etherton

Ness Exotic Wellness Center

North Broadway Animal Hospital

Midwest Bird & Exotic Animal Hospital

Pam Kinnison, Owner
Certified Avian Specialist
Smarty Bird B&B Bird Boarding              

Exotic Bird Vets Around the Country

Other Stuff

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Our Attorney - We love her -
Jill Rose Quinn

American Federation of Aviculture

Waxbill Finch Society

Long Island Parrot Society!/Cockatiel - ALL species covered - Voice narration Over 50,000 Bird videos

Pink Parrot Blog

Pretty Bird International

A Blogin Blog Director

Top Animals Sites

Clarkson doves

Coops & Cages

Pet Rescue Australia - Cockatiel Cottage - Cockatiel help and care information site. US - Directory of animal rescue web sites. Pets and wildlife. Homes wanted, lost pets, notices etc. UK - A Web Site About the Wild Parrots of Brooklyn. USA - Parrot Message Board & Pet Bird Owner Forum - Worldwide - UKParrots ~ For Parrot Lovers - Parrots Ireland - information for Irish Parrot owners and breeders, including parrots for sale. - UK Parrot Help and Care Forum. - Non-profit organisation based in Suffolk England, is dedicated to Macaws and Parrots and their owners. - Parrot Social - A Forum For Parrot Enthusiasts - Freedom Flights parrot rescue located in Southern Ontario, Canada. Offer adopt a parrot program as well as parrot sanctuary, rescue and avian education. - D & R Treasures Aviary, Alabama. USA - Totally Tiels - A Community Forum, Dedicated to the Cockatiel. Australia - Beaudesert Parrot & Finch Association. Australia - Tamborine Aviaries. Australia - The Avicultural Society of NSW. Australia - Eclectus Parrot Forum. Australia - Budgerigar Council of Victoria. Australia - Birdsitting and Boarding. USA - Parrot and Bird Rescue. Canada - Judy Leach's Parrots - About parrots, for parrots and for parrot owners - A-Parrot to A-Flamingo, Inc., Parrot Rescue, Brecksville, Ohio. USA - Parrots At Play. USA - Lost and Found Parrot Resource - Denbighshire Bird, Pet and Wildlife Rescue Centre. UK - The Parrot Rescue Centre is dedicated in improving the lives of suffering, abused and unwanted pet parrots. Australia - St. Louis Avian Rescue. Manchester, MO. USA - Fight4Flight Parrot Rescue. OK. USA - Ollies Parrots Perch Bird Boarding and Avian Behaviorist. USA - Long Island Parrot Society. NY. USA - Bird/Parrot Message Board. USA. - A community Forum dedicated to the care and education of all parrot species. USA. - New Life Parrot Rescue - Promoting parrot welfare through education and the rehabilitation of victims of neglect and abuse. UK. - Budgerigars Forum - Birds and More - World Parrot Trust - Saving Parrots Worldwide - Flealess Market Mall for Pet & Wildlife Rescue - Avian Avenue Bird Forum - Parrot and Companion Bird Message Board - Lost and Found Parrots (Canada) - Dee's Haven Parrot Rescue - Parrot Rescue and Adoption in Georgia. USA - Florida Avian rescue dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation. USA - Avian Welfare Resource Center from the Avian Welfare Coalition. USA - New England Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary. USA - Parrot Problem Behaviour Help Site. Netherlands (Holland) All About Birds of the World Site by sun conure owner 

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