How Do I Reduce My Male Budgies Aggression

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I look forward to getting your email every Sunday and reading it has become as much a ritual as the old Sunday paper.

And now I have a question for you.


Thunder and Lightning are my bonded parakeets.


I’ve had them for years.


Last summer I saw more and more breeding activity, so I bought a box and let nature take its course.


Thunder laid four eggs, one of which was fertilized.

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How Can I Help My Cockatiel’s Broken Wing Heal?

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Will, it ever heal so he can fly again?

If you can see the break you can use 2 very small cable ties and a coffee stir stick or cocktail straw as a splint to restrain the wing it then introduce the sock (below).

If it’s a fracture go straight to the sock.

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What is Normal Jenday Conure Behavior

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Elaine and Mango the Jenday Conure


Dear Mitch & Catherine


I just recently got a Jenday Conure in late October and I named him Mango.


He has his royal blue feathers on his wings and tail but is not too socialized with people.


The breeder advised that he came to her, but the circumstances were unclear.

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How Do I Treat Macaw Mites

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Are Mites Making Making My Macaw Miserable?


Hi Mitch,

Always look forward to your Sunday articles, thanks!


Madeleine is a (Blue & Gold Macaw) rescue from a home where she was malnourished, neglected and abused.


I was able to negotiate relinquishment but it’s been a year of learning for me, we bonded and I decided to adopt her instead of fostering.


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Setting The Record Straight About Feeding Eclectus Parrots

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There is so much conflicting information on pellets and eclectus parrots (potential to overload on vitamins).


I have been giving them about 10 [pellets] a couple times a week.


Wanted to know your thoughts on this.


I do try to feed them a very balanced diet but I know we can’t cover everything.


Thanks for your help.


Susan G.

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What Human Foods And Spices Are Good For Pet Birds

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relating to or characterized by anthropomorphism.
having human characteristics.
“anthropomorphic bears and monkeys”

I love that word.

I like how it feels on the tongue.

It’s also a big reason we see so many failures with pet bird care.

We make chop because salads are healthy for us.

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Answers For Breeding And Feeding Budgies

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Hello, My 2 parakeets had been mating & the hen has been laying 14-15 eggs so far.


After the first 9, the male who had been guarding the nest abandoned the eggs.


It seemed they are all unfertilized after looking at them under a bright flashlight.


Then they started building another nest under the table where I keep all their supplies (inside a bucket).


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Answers To Cockatiel Problems Including Swollen Tongues And Bumblefoot

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12/24/2018 – My cockatiel has a swelling on the side of his tongue and the vet is off for the holidays. help!!


12/24/2018  – Dear Patricia

We are very sorry to hear your bird may be ill.


Of course, timing is often not right and our pets health issues may come at the wrong times.


This is beyond our experience and knowledge.


Yes, a trip to your Vet is the way to go.


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