Our Tribute To Birds In The Military

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“You might be speaking German if it wasn’t for pigeons”
Originally published May 22, 2013
This post has been re edited many times and fresh content related to pigeons was added 5/22/18 which can be found below.
Pigeons have been used to communicate over distances since the time of Julius Caesar.
The Persians (now Iran), and even the Greeks used homing pigeons to “broadcast” news about who won the Olympics.
Homing pigeons were considered highly prestigious way back in 18th century France until the French Revolution which changed things so anybody who wanted one, could have a pigeon.

During the Franco Prussian war, Parisians used hot air balloons to deploy flocks of homing pigeons out of their city to countryside and vice versa.


With the advent of micro photography in the 19th century pigeons could carry as many as 30,000 messages by a single bird.

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Should My Budgies Nap Early So They Can Stay Up Late?

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The original question on Quora was: Can I leave the lights out for my budgies for a few hours in the early evening so they can take a nap?

They usually stay up until 2am with us? 

All birds get an extraordinarily large amount of information from sunlight both the visible spectrum that you and I can see and the invisible spectrum UVA/UVB light.

The light is sent to the pineal gland just behind the right eye where it tells the bird how long the day is and sets off melatonin cells that vibrate like micro metronomes enabling birds to tell the precise time of day – although they don’t know the day.

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60 Nasty Household Hazards Birds Shouldn’t Be Around

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I hope the post on the Ultimate Bird DIY First Aid Kit will become part of your avian reference library.

We’re going to break down the first aid thing into several manageable parts.

Before we do here’s a pop quiz: What was the cashier at Walgreens thinking when I bought Pedialyte, saline, eyewash, plastic gloves & a tube of KY Jelly? (for the birdy first aid kit?)


We designed the ultimate bird first aid kit for a broad range of species, so you don’t need everything in it.

As an example you really need a needle nose pliers to pull of blood feather from a blue and gold macaw, but only a strong tweezers for smaller bird like a parakeet.

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12 YouTubers For Parrot Lovers You Need To Know

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At first I thought to myself “this’ll be fun.”


Once I started the project it was a bit more difficult than I forecasted.


I originally started with 9 YouTube channels but some favorites needed to be included not simply based upon numbers.


For those who are not following on us Facebook or our YouTube channel, you’ll note that we are ramping up our use of Fid-eo to better communicate caged bird care.


Our goal is not to replicate what was being said but to bring more valuable information to the conversation.


I get alerted to every new fid-eo about pet bird care from the list of experts I’m going to be exploring with you shortly.


I’ve curated a list of what I subjectively feel are the 12 top YouTube channels to watch for captive bird care.

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What types of parrots can you legally own in the US?

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Start with the Endangered Species Act from 1973

Quaker parrots are illegal to own or sell in

  • California
  • Georgia
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Hawaii
  • New Jersey
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Wyoming

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What Challenges Does Your Bird Face This Spring And Summer?

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Linda F asks

Hi, As spring approaches we look to protect furry as well as feathered friends.

Any suggestions on Frontline and heartguard type products that are safe around parrots and toos (Cockatoos) when used on three little dogs?

Are the two above mentioned harmful when used on dog that lives in same house as a bird?

Thank you for all help I have received as my CAG (Congo African Grey, goffie (Goffin Cockatoo) learn to share our life together.

Would not have made it as smoothly this far without your good advice and Birdy Brunch. Thank you again. Linda,

Micha and Stewie

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Why You Need To Know About Zoonotic Avian Infections

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Zoonotic Avian Infections describes the process whereby an infectious disease is transmitted between species (sometimes by a vector) from animals other than humans


Zoonotic Avian Infections can include:


Also known as parrot fever and ornithosis, psittacosis is caused by Chlamydophila psittaci, an obligate intracellular bacteria of birds. Infected birds shed bacteria through feces and oculonasal discharge.

Most human cases result from exposure to infected psittacines.

Apart from exposure to infected pet birds, individuals at risk include pigeon fanciers, employees in poultry slaughtering and processing plants, veterinarians and technicians, zoo, laboratory and avian quarantine employees, farmers, gamekeepers, and wildlife rehabilitators.

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