Should I Give My Pet Bird A Mirror Or Not

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The original question came from Quora

Is it okay if a bird sees the reflection of her cage in a mirror from a little distance? Does this make the same effect of a mirror inside of the cage?


One of the answers: “Larger birds such as parrots have no trouble telling that their reflection is not another bird. For smaller birds, the mirror would probably need to be in the cage so that the bird could actually play with its reflection.”


The answer makes no sense.

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14 Scientific Papers For Bird And Parrot Care

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If you want to delve deeper than Facebook bird groups and Google searches for information about pet bird care, it’s best to navigate towards expert sources (which is why you come here;-).


We spend a lot of time researching facts and this list (below) is one of our go-to points of information.


All papers were written by veterinarians, ornithologists, zoologists, and other accredited professionals.

Improper wing clipping. This is a huge problem. The feather should be cut between the upper and lower coverts so the clipped feather is hidden between them and not seen. 

Typical pet-shop clips are done straight across; the wing is pulled open and the feathers clipped so that the cut feather shafts protrude. This results in sharp edges which irritate the bird’s sides. 

If it is done correctly, only the first few primaries are cut, allowing the bird to flutter to the floor; but if they are cut straight across, the bird will crash since the secondaries give it lift. 

With a poor cut, the bird will pull its wings into its body and the sharp edges of the cut feathers, which are not protected by the coverlet feathers, will poke the bird in his side. 

They irritate the bird, and he starts picking at them and his side. He ends up with primary feather shafts that are frayed and going in all directions.

This is a section from Feather Picking and Self Mutilation in Birds one of 14 scientific papers we recent published relating to bird and parrot care.

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Do Dowel Perches Harm Budgies Feet – Avian Diabetes – Shoes – Avocados

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Notably absent from the prior answers (on Quora) are the words “and I inspect my bird’s feet by flipping him over and examining his feet under a magnifying glass on a regular basis.”


As a vendor of bird cages and accessories for over 25 years, we advise people to take the dowel rod perches out of the cage immediately upon assembly.


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Why I Fell In Love With The Look Of Indian Ringneck Parakeets

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Veronica F Replied


Hi, I live in the UK, just in case that makes a difference, which it probably doesn’t.


I am considering buying another pet bird but want to make the right choice for both the bird and myself.


I have had budgies, canaries and a cockatiel in the past, all indoor, cage birds. 


I am looking for a bird somewhere between the size of a parrotlet to smaller than a large parrot like an African Grey.


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4 Essential Quaker Parrot Questions Answered

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Quaker parrots a.k.a. monk parakeets are unique little birds.


Feathered factoid – Quakers are the only parrot that builds a nest.


Not just any nest – a condominium nest.


Quaker parakeets nests are so large that they accommodate dozens of birds who share body warmth enabling them to endure the harshness of winters in Chicago and other major cities around the country.

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The Differences Between Finches And Canaries

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The zebra finch and canary are the most popular birds kept by pet owners, after budgies and cockatiels. They both also have a long history in captivity, as does the society finch. Let’s take a look at how these birds are alike and how they differ.




If you’re considering adding a finch or a canary to your family, you might be surprised to find that a canary is a finch. So you are only choosing among finches, really. Zebra finches, society finches, also called Bengalese finches, and canaries actually have a lot in common.

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More CBD For Pet Birds – Mythbusting

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Ironically a hand puppet having no physical feelings is used to market a pain-reducing drug in the featured image (above).

If you had type II diabetes and were evaluating a new drug that may help reduce your A1C, how much more convinced would you be if a hand puppet advocating for it’s use?

I think sometimes people marketing CBD confuse it with THC triggering unexpected results.

Although I firmly believe that correlation does not necessarily imply causation I’m very concerned with the fact that 60% of pet birds die of malnutrition according to necropsies (animal autopsies) performed by veterinarians.

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