Do birds really need that mysterious but pervasive cuttlebone in their bird cage?

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Like hard working catchers of the MLB we get questions tossed to us day in and day out. Questions are my favorite part of words.

The answers to questions enlighten us and make it better regardless of our endeavor.

What size cuttlebone should I put my bird’s cage?

How effective is cuttlebone at reducing the length of my bird’s beak?

“What a long strange trip it’s been” lyrics that you may know as part of a Grateful Dead song and a tribute to Jerry Garcia but the title of the compilation comes from the lyrics of one of Robert Hunter’s most famous songs, the line from “Truckin“:

Lately it occurs to me: What a long, strange trip it’s been. Robert Hunter was probably the Grateful Dead’s most prolific lyricist –

There’s never a right place to digress, is there?

Have you ever gone out for a drive on a motor scooter or a four wheeled terrestrial vehicle and ended up in another state?

That’s the feeling I got while researching cuttlefish.

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Bird Cage And Food Recommendations for 2 Quaker Cagemates

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Looking for an appropriate bird cage to house 2 Quaker parrot cage mates
Hi Rose,
I think this 3159 Select would be a great cage from Prevue.
The 36 Inch wide foot print give the birds ample room for separation if needed.
It provides the best of both worlds having a dome top for interior height and a play area for time outside the cage.
As you can see it has ample seed skirts 

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Indian Ringneck Love Brings Ringneck Problems

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Indian ringneck’s are marvelous birds and I’ve had the great fortune to live with the species and two different households.

They’re not big birds they way an average of 115 g about the body size of a Senegal or a fat cockatiel but the long tail gives the impression that it’s a much larger birds.

The overall length of the bird must be taken into consideration when choosing the right birdcage and especially travel carrier.

They can be quite tame and are a relatively good talker.

Below you will find three curated questions about Indian ringneck’s the found us one way or another and we felt sharing solutions would be helpful

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Quaker Biting Very Hard, Taking Chunks Out Of My Skin – Ouch!

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From Ria 

Subject: Quaker parrot advice 

Message: Hello

I’m probably going to type a lot, but I figure the more details the better when asking for advice.

I hope you don’t mind! 

I have a Quaker parrot. 

He is 13 years old and DNA proven male.

I got him when he was a baby, and I was a teenager.

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How do I tame an older vicious African grey?

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This was most recent answer to that question on Quora:


“So, I did something that, again, I do not recommend for anyone else.


I got myself comfortable against the cage, and put my left hand into a balled fist, and let him hit me. Again. And again. And again.


Eventually blood ran down my elbow. He hit me 40+ times while I looked at him with my eyes half-lidded, calm & relaxed, glancing away as if bored from time to time.


After around ten minutes, Sammie stopped striking at me. He had a long pause, looking at me sideways, then with his head upside down.


Then he put a foot on my bloodied hand.”

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Eclectus toe tapping and wing flipping issues

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Image above – Female Eclectus r. vosmaeri at North Carolina Zoo, no other subspecies combines a purple abdomen and clear yellow undertail coverts.

Hi Mitch,

I just read your piece on eclectus, and I have a question.


If the elongated digestive tract is urban myth, then why does my bird develop the eclectus toe-tapping and wing-flipping if he has been given regular pellets and/or too many vitamins?

What would cause this?





Let’s start with the toe tapping wings flapping things.


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Exercise Your Bird – Why & How – Videos

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We focus on bird and parrot nutrition a lot here because of the complexity of a bird’s anatomy.

Birds require far more energy than their ground-based counterparts.

Migratory birds fly at high altitudes where the air is thin.

You and I would require supplemental oxygen at those altitudes.

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For Your Bird’s Health: Gas Heat, Bugs And Muscular Atrophy In Bird Legs

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Carol P. replied


How can you get rid of the little brown bugs that come around the bird food without hurting the birds? Is there a spray or something I can order?


Thanks for your help, Carol in Tennessee


Hi Carol


Knowing what kind of bugs they are is half the battle.

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