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After 8 years of bird shows, Catherine launched WindyCityParrot.com just before Midnight December 31st, 2001. By 6:00 AM New Years day 2002, Windy City Parrot, received it’s first web order.

Since then we’ve had more than 8,000,000 web visitors and fulfilled more than 80,000 orders

What Our Customers are Saying 

8/21/17 Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your blogs. Witty, informative and intelligent. I look forward to them every week. The hours you must spend researching your topics. Keep them coming, Mitch!

Name: Carol Petree

10/6/2015 It doesn’t matter if I liked the toys. It’s all up to my Amazon parrot Oliver and he loves them! I purchased mostly things he could hold in his foot. Like Bamboo Boxes, Wooden Cheepstix, Woven Vine Chew Balls, Munchie Woven Vine Chew, Chewy Stars, Craft Sticks, Cork Rings.

Each morning after breakfast I give him a couple of toys. He goes to town chewing them up and making a mess for me to clean up. ;o) He likes watching me clean it up. lol Which I don’t mind at all. The ones he didn’t finish he put them into his pellet dish for later. Oliver rates them a 10 for toys he enjoys.

Dec 18, 2017

I just discovered your site and I love it.
When I lived in Texas, I had a wholesale company and sold small animals and birds to pet stores. No dogs, no cats.
I would be delivering and hear sales people telling customers the wrong info just to make a sale, and it really made me upset. After a few years, I opened my own store, and bred most of the animals I sold.
I loved my birds, and hand fed most of them. It is wonderful to see other people who actually know what they are talking about and helping others to care for their birds in the right way.
On one trip I made to my African Gray breeder I picked up 4 babies and for whatever reason, I kept one of them. She just kept looking at me and it seemed like she was telling me she was mine.
She is now almost 20 years old and wonderful. She has fed some of my baby birds over the years. She loves babies and will feed anything I give her. She especially loves cockatiels.
Wish I had a boyfriend for her so she could have her own babies. But, I am pretty much out of the business now.
Sorry to ramble on like this. I am just so happy to find someone else (2 someone elses) who know and love their birds.
Thanks again.
Diane Jaeger Ploussard


July 10, 2016

I know you are probably thinking I’m going to complain about something,

add to eddorsements WP

however this e-mail is to commend you for your service and products. I have.shopped many pet stores,outlets, online sites veterinarian recommended sites etc.

But your service is amazing I am so happy I have found your site and your products you have many items I could not find anywhere else because my one bird isn’t very popular in our area !