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Mark Hagen is to Parrot Knowledge as Dennis Yu is to social media or as Michael Jordan is to basketball. His knowledge base of parrot breeding is second to none. He’s got a Masters Degree in agriculture and runs the largest single parrot research Institute on the planet – HARI. He IS the engineer of Hagen bird food.

chicago catherine tobsing mark hagen mitch rezman @ ditkas in Chicago Illinois great meeting with Mark Hagen  great food @ Mike Ditka’s restaraunt

 We love being your destination for exploring the behavior of the birds we keep in cages for decades. But in order to triangulate caged bird keeping best practices we cannot be your only authority site destination.

 If you have a bird(s) or thinking of getting a bird, put visit HARI (Hagen Avicultural Research Institute) on your todo list. Their new site is visually stunning and the information offered within is second to none when it comes to caged bird keeping.

This is a facility that partners with veterinarians at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) as well is other institutions of higher learning in Canada. Hagen understands how to view the care of parrots holistically. Their contributions go beyond just creating a better bird food. As an example:

A recent donation from Mark Hagen, on behalf of the Hagen Avicultural Research Institute (HARI) and Rolf C. Hagen Inc., has equipped the Ontario Veterinary College’s (OVC) Avian and Exotic Service with minimally invasive equipment to perform endosurgical procedures on parrots.

The instruments are tiny – 2 mm forceps – and are essentially the same instruments used for neonatal surgery in human medicine.

The instruments are tiny – 2 mm forceps – and are essentially the same instruments used for neonatal surgery in human medicine. 

I have a lot of voices chatting in my head just about 24/7. At the end of the day I do ask them to come up with some sort of consensus and then be quiet so I can enjoy a sip of Jameson’s and some silence for a few minutes. 

The building of our blog posts is not a structured activity. Some fact checking here, research information there – I start laying it out and wire framing it on Monday night then work on it every day till as late as midnight Friday. What you get is what I’ve coined reduction content leading to create what we feel are the best practices for caged bird keeping in the 21st century.

I use the term “reduction content” as an analogy to reduction cooking. From Wikipedia – In cooking, reduction is the process of thickening and intensifying the flavor of a liquid mixture such as a soup, sauce, wine, or juice by simmering or boiling. The words we produce for you providing information about caged bird keeping are arrived at using 1 part science 1 part art and then we allowed it all to simmer during the week, tasting as we go.

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