English budgie with a splayed leg that chews on his wing – conundrum

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Hi I have a 7 month old english budgie that was born with a one splayed leg that sticks straight out.

His wings were over clipped when I got him at 2 months of age. 

I have waited un-patiently for his wings to grow out as my other parakeets are flighted.

I see from the way he perches like a kick stand mostly on a ladder.

That he has close access to his one wing with bad leg and over preens and chews on just this one which makes him flutter lopsided.

He doesn’t seem to know he can start flying, but gets around quite well.

Do you have any advice on how to stop this chewing of the one wing.

I would love to see him fly with his friends.

They have free time out on top of four cages with tons of perches and toys.

They have never figured out in seven years they could go around the corner down the hall, which is a great plus for me.

They are my little babies, I refer to them affectionately as keebler elfs.

Thanks for your help. Michelle


ME-> 6/9/2016 12:24:38 AM Yikes!

fyi – 

Chances are this bird is too old to fix the leg so before we resort to extreme measures I’m going to advocate the introduction of at the very least one flat perch so your budgies good foot isn’t getting overworked.

I would like to know how often he gets bathed?

Perhaps with the introduction of more moisture into the feathers praying could be reduced. 

This is where I would start – please send feed back so we can try to fix this together


Follow up

Hi Mitch, I wrote to you a while back about my handicapped english budgie Kenny a while back.

He has one splayed leg that sticks straight out and up.

He likes to perch at a angle where he looks like a kick stand.

I thought he was chewing his wing feathers on one side, but he now seems to have almost finished a long molt cycle.

He has started to fly with my other parakeets, although wobbly he can now do 90 degree angles.

It has been the longest six months waiting Kennys feathers to grow back.

He was only 8 weeks old when I rescued him, and if you remembered his wings were over trimmed.

My 4 other parakeets are all flighted and out most of the day as I am home.

Kenny had an extra cage set on the floor next to the table (with one of 3 large cages I have in a cluster) with a long ladder up to side of cage on the table,with many wooden clothes pins clipped to side of table cage he used as a ladder (as this side had vertical bars).

Being on the top of this cage is the favorite Cool Spot for all the birds.


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