Poicephalus – 9 African Parrot Species not Ending in Grey

nian niam parrot (poicephalus)
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They are a good choice for a family with children as they can maintain relationships with several people and they’re not necessarily biters

They are small, about 11 – 12 inches long and only weigh 90 – 130 g.

They’re notable for yellow markings on their wings and turquoise markings on their abdomen and rear end. They are not great talkers. It’s said that their voices are similar to those of Parakeets (Budgies).

Jardine’s Parrots make great pets too. Their bodies are bright green with red rings around the bottoms of the leg feathers.

They’re generally a darker green in color and a bit more robust in size than the other Poicephalus Parrots. They are very sweet natured and intermingle well with the entire family.

They are one of the largest of the Poicephalus species measuring an average of 11 inches long and weighing up to 8 ounces.

They make good pets if you live in an apartment or condo although they can get vocal early in the morning and the early evening.

Jardine’s have a lot of energy and need a lot of exercise, mental stimulation in a roomy cage.

They generally live to be about 30 years old but there are records of Jardine’s living past 60. Rueppell’s Parrots (not to be confused with Rueppell’s Vultures know to fly at altitudes exceeding 35,000 feet) are a small species and as adults they are sexually dimorphic.

Adult female Rueppell’s have blue feathers along the lower portion of their back and rear end whereas the male Rueppell’s lose the blue feathers.

Both male and female Rueppell parrots have deep yellow marking on the epaulets of their wings. The average Rueppell’s is about 9 inches long and weighs between 120 and 160 g.

Red-bellied Parrots are small like Rueppell’s Parrots. They are only about 9 inches long and are sexually dimorphic with the male Red-bellied Parrots having a bright orange lower chest and tummy while the adult females are green on the lower frontal area.

Red-bellied Parrots are probably the best talkers of the Poicephalus family because they speak clearly and with real understanding and in many cases exhibit more than a single voice.

Some owners say that they can call people by name and can speak in the voices of the people are that are speaking to them. If you’re looking for a small bird that has the ability to talk, Red-bellied parrots maybe the choice for you as a pet. Red-bellied males have an orange tummy, female’s tummies are green.

Yellow-front Poicephalus aka Yellow-faced Parrots are not to be confused with Yellow Front Amazons of South America are medium-size – about 11 inches long. They’re loud with shrill whistles and screeches.

They have a shape similar to Jardine Parrots but their green is a paler green and they have no red nor orange/red markings on their body or head.

As its name suggests they’re notable for a big area of yellow around their face extending down onto the crown and around their eyes.  Don’t expect to find them as pets anywhere because they’re not found in captivity – but reside exclusively in the African country of Ethiopia.

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