Poicephalus – 9 African Parrot Species not Ending in Grey

nian niam parrot (poicephalus)
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Brown-headed Parrots are popular as pets and make a good choice if you live in a condo or apartment because they’re quiet and have a very nice temperament.

Similar to Senegal parrots but lacking in the bright yellow or orange belly and have a whitish beak whereas Senegal’s beaks are mostly all dark gray or almost black. They are small – about the same size as a Senegal or Meyers about 9 inches long and weigh about 120 g.

They’re a bit bigger than Cockatiels and much chunkier. Although they look very similar to Senegal parrots they are almost identical to the Niam Niam Parrots (top). They can learn to speak a few words and phrases but many do not, so if you are looking for bird who can definitely speak the Brown-headed Parrot would not be the choice.

Overall we like to recommend as large a bird cage as possible for most parrots but it’s our understanding that for some of the smaller African Parrots, like the Brown-headed Parrot, an 18″ to 20″ wide and a 20″ to 24″ tall bird cage works well.

Niam Niam parrots (not known in captivity) are about 10 inches long with both male and female adults having brown heads and necks with a bit of olive/yellow, olive/brown around their throats and breasts, silver gray around their ears and olive/brown tipped tails with a dull green.

The red under its wing coverts distinguishes it from the Brown headed parrot’s yellow under their wing coverts. They have very sharp voices which can be heard from far away and become even more high-pitched when sounding a danger alert. 

written by Mitch Rezman CMO Windy City Parrot, Inc
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