How can I make a constantly loud parrot permanently silent (or at least quieter)?

Screaming Red-Winged Parrot Aprosmictus erythropterus in profile isolated on white
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Elucidating Parrot Problems Posted in Aug, 2017

How can I make a constantly loud parrot permanently silent (or at least quieter)? from Quora

With between 300 and 400 species of parrots across the planet to say they are ALL noisy is patently untrue.

Poicephalus parrots are not noisy, Senegals, Red bellies, Meyers, Niam niams, brown necked, grey headed Rueppell’s, and cape parrots. Nine sub species from the continent of Africa including Yellow-faced parrots who can be squawky but you rarely if ever see them as pets.

Our female cockatiel whistled but that was quite pleasant.

Our ringneck had a 20 – 30 word vocabulary and he was funny when he spoke.

Many people say cockatoos are noisy but which ones? There’s 30 species of Cockatoos. Major Mitchell cockatoos are not noisy nor are bare eyed, some black cockatoos drum on their perches more than vocalize.

Birds are not noisy so they could call out over long distances, they’re noisy so they can call out over each other in a flock. In Australia hundreds of thousands of budgies will reside in a single flock and they send out search parties for grazing areas and water.

The search parties return and are able to communicate to the flock where to move next to eat and perhaps rest.

As for making a parrot quiet there are many things that you can do including re-directions, coming to an agreement over daily “scream time”.

As for not being able to “make” birds or animals do anything, that’s preposterous. Humans have long been training animals and have been involved with animals be they horses, Falcons going back to the time of Genghis Khan or the great Barnum & Bailey Circus which had hundreds of trained animals.

We in the US might all be speaking German today if it were not for the 500,000 homing pigeons that were trained during World War II to deliver messages from behind enemy lines.

So once again, all the self-righteous bird companion finger pointers saying that “we are the only ones allowed to keep birds all the rest of you are incompetent nincompoops!”

Riddle me this? Who is a bird person? Is a part of my DNA? How do I know if I am not a bird person?

Is someone on Quora keeping track and sending emails reminding people that they are not bird people and don’t even ever TRY to maintain a Bird?

No one in thread suggested training of any sort. Clicker training – flight training.

What does flight training have to do with screaming? The same thing it has to do with reducing hormonal behavior.

Flying makes the bird tired thus less prone to scream and act hormonal because they are tired from flying.

Our Senegal parrot who spent 7-1/2 years in a cage 22 hours a day (in a rescue) with clipped wings, flies 10 feet, 5 – 10 times a day, like or not. Trust me Peaches is no screamer.

Every time somebody tells me “my bird is un-trainable” or “You can’t “make” a parrot do anything,” I share this video.

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