How can I make a constantly loud parrot permanently silent (or at least quieter)?

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Mitch love your blog posts every week! I have a question I hope you can help with.

I am building out a new bird room that has near zero natural light. I want to use the proper ceiling fixtures and bulbs for maximum benefit. What would you suggest?

The room is approx 15′ x 15′ and I would like to incorporate ceiling fixtures. My bird is out of her cage all day and spends time all over the house and outside, weather permitting, however want to create a safe and special place for her to play! Your thoughts are appreciated!

Hi Julia

Thank you for the kind words

Due to a law of physics called the inverse square law of light (see attached), for a bird to get any benefit from lighting, the fixture should be no more than six inches one foot over the cage.

So in your case,  perhaps you can install one main ceiling fixture ( no ceiling fans we call those shredded tweet)  and a hanging fixture or two, be they single lamps or fluorescent tube fixtures.

The hanging fixture(s) should be 6 inch to 12 inh above the cage

I would then advocate timers on at least the hanging lamp(s) set to 12 hours on and 12 hours off helping stabilize your bird’s circadian rhythms.

Bulbs should be at least 100 watts (by incandescent standards) not necessarily have to provide uva and uvb.

Please reach out with out with further questions

Male cockatiel attacked female and drew blood so I separated them, but now the female laid an egg and I’m afraid of putting him back in?

Catherine replied

Don’t put them back together in the same cage yet. The hen does not need the male pestering her.

She may continue to lay eggs without him. You can remove the eggs as they are laid.

If you think they may be fertile (saw the birds mate) and want her to hatch them then you will need to get a cockatiel nest box for her.

You then can put the egg inside the box on some pine shavings or ripped up paper towels.

She may or may not go in after them, she may or may not sit on them, she may or may not take care of the eggs or after hatching the babies.

If the eggs don’t hatch in the nest box with the mother after 3-4 weeks they are infertile and can be discarded.

Are they a young couple or an older pair?

How large is their cage together? It needs to be at least 24″ wide preferably wider. A small cage will contribute to bickering between couples.

Please reach out with out with further questions


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