Zen And The Art Of Budgerigar Maintenance

blue and white budgie eating on a plate with dry cereal
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a small gregarious Australian parakeet that in the wild is green with a yellow head. It is popular as a pet bird and has been bred into a variety of colors.

This article about budgies was originally written April 14, 2010. Fast-forward to the fall of 2016 when we acquired Bacon our first budgie.

Today our family includes 4 budgies, Bacon, Eggs, Toast, Jam which we appropriately named the Breakfast Club. (and Peaches our Rescue Senegal too!)

If you going to talk the talk then you must walk the walk” has been said an infinite number of times over the years.

Cleaning and feeding 4 millet loving budgies and a Senegal on a daily basis provides lots of insight which allows me to understand what all of you go through daily to one degree or another.

Before resetting this journey:

Every morning the light over the Breakfast Clubs cage turns on, and they instantly begin to chat, plan and plot their day.

It’s not loud, more like bursts of little chortles. You can hear the four different voices. Those 4 voices are easy to focus on and bring a smile to my face.

It somehow allows me to ignore the UPS truck’s emission noise in the sound of its downshifting transmission in the front as it slows for the speed bump and the occasional garbage truck making its rounds in the alley.

I stand in front of the cage with a grin. They all usually freeze when I approach and huddle in a corner as my arm goes in to switch out the water and seed dishes from the night before.

But I can sit at my desk for my 10 feet away and watch them. They’re always in motion and I like my flowers with wings.

Currently, all 4 budgies are flighted. It’s unlikely that three of them have ever really been out of any cage. Bacon who was extracted from a tree across from the Birdie Boutique did fly out of the cage once and flew directly into the screen of an open window clearly having plotted her escape in advance.

Toast got out once and landed on the crown molding 9 feet up in the air, which is why we keep a butterfly net next to the cage.

Our plan is this fall to clip all 4 bird’s wings at one time. This will allow them to be outside of the cage with far less likelihood of injuring themselves.

It will also give us an opportunity to begin to socialize with the birds which I believe can be done at any age. We suspect all four budgies are fairly young.

Because they are all rescues we have no idea of their precise age. We think it would be fun once acclimated to allow them free flight in our high ceiling apartment. As you know we preach free flight but always with the birds safety in mind first hand.

Birds have been flying with no restraint for the past 99 million years. Then around 327 BC Alexander the Great was gifted an Alexandrian parakeet.

Think about it, have you ever approached a bird out-of-doors?

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