Zen And The Art Of Budgerigar Maintenance

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Pigeons in the city will walk away from you not fly but probably won’t engage you. You can have the fullest of backyard bird feeders with wild birds happily stuffing their crops but will fly off the moment you approach the feeders.

Whether you’re in the North American woods or the rain forests of South America, approach a bird and it will fly away.

So some guy who wanted to suck up to Al the Great said “that’s no fun, let’s put the little brother in a cage so we can watch it is much as we want because it can’t fly away, in a cage.”

Thus the caged bird keeping timeline is now officially been set to start at 327 BC and stops at – now.

That’s 2389 years of humans keeping pet birds, yet in the past 15 years bird ownership in America has slipped from 5.4% of American households to 3.1% of American households.

It appears that 2% of American households simply turned all those birds over to rescues. Because all the avian rescues in America are now overflowing with unwanted pet birds and parrots.

So we can conclude that we haven’t learned a lot about keeping birds as pets in 24 centuries.

The Internet is awash with information related to the captive bird. Some are very good. Some of the information about pet birds is very bad.

What’s even more frustrating is, it’s hard to find a single repository of everything you need to know for keeping your particular species of bird.

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It looks like I’ve been off road, so let’s get back to the main highway.

We learned this firsthand when we rescued Popcorn from some bushes not far from the Birdie Boutique.

She had clearly flown’s out of somebody’s door or window, because when we got her home she could fly but she panicked and flew into a wall and lost herself behind an entertainment unit (which is why we talk about stick training)

We also learned cockatiel’s wings grow back very fast, about 90 days in that they can fly very fast, up to 30 mph

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