Zen And The Art Of Budgerigar Maintenance

blue and white budgie eating on a plate with dry cereal
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We clipped her wings and after about four weeks I would start flipping her a foot away from the cage on to the cage, increasing my distance daily and weekly.

She caught on quickly and became a precise flyer. When you have a flighted bird in your home you learn to walk backwards through the doors so you don’t crush a bird or slam a door in a birds beak.

One day I was walking backwards, her cage immediately to my left. She was on the bird cage top Booda rope perch which meant we had about a 2 foot separation.

I got into the hallway and started to close the door slowly yet with only 6 inches of separation between door and jam she came perfectly perpendicular to the ground without a feather touching a piece of wood, indicating to me we needed to move through the house with more vigilance.

It’s taking Peaches a bit longer (months) to learn landings. Fortunately she’s very slow and deliberate although clearly isn’t making the same snap decisions on where to land that Popcorn did.

It’s as though she knows that when she misses that top Booda rope perch she has a fallback of her nearby foraging box or the cage cover left on top which gives her plenty to grip and cease flight.

We have a pretty clear idea on how you deal with the Breakfast Club budgie’s wing clipping and flight training process.

Feathered factoid: We rarely clip our birds wings but when we do it’s in the bathroom which leaves little room for escape.

Some tips on holding and toweling your birds.

We will allow them to sit on the top of their cage endeared to by our clipping on a big fat millet spray.

And then one by one begin some human to bird social interaction until they understand my name is not Freddy Krueger. I’m the guy who supplies them with millet a.k.a. birdie crack.

Take them off the top of the cage, and let them fly back to the cage and do that repeatedly.

And like I’m now encouraging Peaches to fly to various play stands where she knows she is safe all while attempting to teach her to fly back to me, I will be doing something similar with the four budgies.

We feed Peaches our Senegal parrot frozen thawed vegetables daily and she digs right in. Although our budgies enjoy fresh romaine lettuce daily it has been hard to gain their acceptance of vegetables.

They haven’t touched the thawed frozen (too firm?) so we bought some canned vegetables, mushed them up and coated them with millet seed which went over as well as a child with fresh Brussels sprouts.

The biggest lesson we have learned in dealing with our loyal readers and customers is that the best tool you can have with any bird is patience.

In the wild birds spend 60% of the time trying to find food and 40% of their time trying not to be food.

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