Zen And The Art Of Budgerigar Maintenance

blue and white budgie eating on a plate with dry cereal
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Budgies can be finger tamed with a lot of patience and could possibly have a vocabulary of a 100 words or more. Growing up, my next door neighbor, Mrs. Massey had a budgie that spoke phrases in Greek (she was Greek), Italian, Spanish and English.

Budgies don’t need a big cage, although bigger is better. Like many birds its easier to bond with your Keet if its a solo bird – that said Budgies tend to be happier with another Budgie or 2 (or more) in the bird cage.

We really like this Prevue bird cage for multiple budgies as the 26 inches bird cage width allows a certain amount of flight. 

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Budgies are primarily seed eaters but love all sorts of foods. A good seed blend should include millet, canary seed and oat groats. A seed only diet can lead to malnutrition and may cut their lives short. Fresh foods should be introduced on a regular basis. 

Bird toys and Parakeet accessories should be size appropriate. For a complete selection of Budgie toy, accessories and bird cages.

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