Incoming Category 2 Hurricane & You’re Chasing a Bird Under Furniture

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mitch’s addendum to your birdie evac kit

dish soap – poop off – disinfectant – blanket/sheet to cover the cage – toys – hot water bottle – grooming supplies – Wire, pliers, and duct tape (in transit carrier repairs)

on the carrier in a taped zip lock or bird proof steel vault your name – phone number – address – a description of your bird incl species – age – breed – sex – name of your bird – leg band or microchip ID – pet insurance policy number – your veterinarian info – feeding schedules – medical conditions – behavior problems – proof of ownership (pictures don’t count. birds of the same species all look identical) – flashlight – cable ties

custom disaster 2 Incoming Category 2 Hurricane & Youre Chasing a Bird Under Furniture

editorial addendum 

First, know where your carrier(s) is along with other evacuation supplies

Don’t wait until an emergency to introduce your bird to the carrier. In an actual emergency you’ll have a hard enough time keeping your presence of mind keeping track of family members and pets.

you don’t want to wrestling with a frighten bird who’s never even seen the new carrier let alone ever been inside.

Have a plan and practice it at least once – don’t fall into “this will never happen to me category”

Our home evac kit which is for us and our bird contains

  • Sealed bag of seed with a far out expiration date
  • 1 gallon drinking water
  • 12 Energy bars
  • 2 Flashlights
  • Sealed box of batteries for the flashlights
  • Crank type radio (needs no batteries)
  • Clean towel (in case we have to towel the bird)
  • 2 boxes of baby wipes
  • Bird first aid kit
  • Human first aid kit
  • List of emergency

We keep everything in an old but sturdy back pack under the bed in the guest room

cf collapse Incoming Category 2 Hurricane & Youre Chasing a Bird Under Furniture

written by mitch rezman
approved by catherine tobsing

your zygodactyl foot note

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