Male cockatiel attacked female and drew blood so I separated them…and more

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You can also shift the seed diet to Hagen Tropimix or any of the seed blends that are offered by Higgins as both contain pellets within their respective mixes.

Our Senegal likes Lafebers Nutriberries that I would crush (usually underfoot). Nutriberries contain 8% pellets and can sustain any bird for a lifetime alone.

Fruits and vegetables should also be offered routinely. We use generic frozen mixed vegetables that we thaw out under cold water for about 10 to 30 seconds so that it stays fresher in the cage throughout the day helping to round out are birds diets.



Hi, pls a need a talking parrot for my kids. How can I get one.

We do not sell parrots, we only sell supplies.

Please note that parrots do not come already trained to talk.

You would purchase a young parrot, ($300-$1000), and a cage ($400-$2000) plus perches, toys, food ($250), then you would need to spend a few hours daily with the bird bonding and talking to it.

After a few months to a few years the bird might speak a few words for you. The quality of the talking will depend on the time you spend with it, the proximity with you and your family and the parrots desire to talk.

The parrot will vocalize (chirp, scream, holler) from dawn until dusk regardless if you are napping or on the phone.

They throw their food (half of every bite taken), out of their cage so you will have to vacuum daily, plus their feathers emit dust so you will have to dust at least once a week.

They live anywhere from 5 years to 70 years depending on the bird. Avian Vets are very expensive and you can expect to pay about $200 for a check up.

More with tests. You will need to have the nails trimmed either by a vet or learn how to hold a wriggling, complaining, biting bird and do it yourself.

It takes a special person, family to have a parrot and truly be able to invite it to be a family member for life. Even if it does not talk.

I hope this helps. Please reach out if you require more information.


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