What is the best parrot for an apartment?

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For the most part, parrots in general are not consistently noisy. Most will shout out a sunrise salute in certain species of cockatoos like umbrellas have the propensity to scream enough to drive people crazy.

It’s important to understand the screams are a form of communication. Many caged bird keepers make the mistake of yelling at a bird to “shut up”. Which is interpreted by the bird as “hey thanks for chatting with me, squawk squawk squawk squawk”.

Remember it’s the humans that should set the tone and noise levels in the home, not the animals. Hope that helps.

We have 4 budgies this what they sound like – way better than that soothing sounds water rock thing that your sister shipped back from Nepal.

Name: Sherry C

Mitch, thank u for Sunday Brunch. Is very helpful. Regarding soy, I reviewed all my parrot foods. Soy in all of them. Is the Alternative Tropican the only pellets without soy/corn?

Its hard to tell the size of the Tropican pellet from the picture. I’m sure our Green Wing Macaw would be OK but not sure about our smaller parrots.

Does the Hagen Company plan to make pellet sizes for all birds. I hope other companies take soy/corn out of their pellets. Now about peanuts, I understood peanuts were harmful to parrots.

Yet you find peanuts in the pellet blend and in the shell in some treat mixtures. I can’t remember where I saw this information but the human peanuts are OK??? I’m confused??

Another question, lima beans. The person in your article regarding soy I’m pretty sure said her bird likes lima beans.

Well my Green Wing loved them but when I read the article not to feed them to our bird I stopped giving them to her. Do you have any comments about this food. Is there an updated list of do not feed your parrot these goods. Thank you so much.

Hi Sherry

Alternative Tropican pellets currently only comes in a 4mm granule which is suitable to medium birds like greys, amazons, etc. Whether your macaw will accept it can only be known by serving it up.

Another soy free Pellet is Goldn’Obles made by Goldenfeast. Goldn’Obles have no soy or corn and the first ingredient is Quinoa, a protein rich grain. The large size pellets are the size of Cheerio’s.

Peanuts are fine for parrots. The largest producers of peanuts are found in South America – where many species of parrots are found.

This issue is mold – they need to be fresh so any peanut is fine as long as it’s unsalted and fresh

Large beans: Anasazi, Black, Fava, Kidney, Lima, Navy, Pinto, Soy, are not suggested for sprouting. These legumes can cause toxicity and remain difficult to digest.

Their raw flavor is also very bad. If choose to serve these to your bird they MUST be soaked for a minimum of 8 hours, water drained and beans rinsed well, and then cooked by bringing them to a full boil, boiling uncovered for 10 minutes, covered and simmered for another 20 minutes. Green Lima beans like you see in frozen mixed vegetables are perfectly safe to use.

That why I like
bagged commercial bird food

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