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Here’s your 60 second list of good and bad food for birds

Always by telling the what bird he has to do to be good. Good Boy, No Bite. No like biting. GOOD BOY.


Hi Sue

Generally birds only respond to positive reinforcement and much has to do with the tone in your voice.

When your bird hears “No Bite. No like biting” it is much like you or me hearing the words “Bù yǎo rén, bù xǐhuān yǎo” which is “No Bite. No like biting” in Chinese (simplified).

Parrot’s have no cognitive association with words and negative behavior.

Biting is not a negative behavior.

Biting is a communication tool. Peaches our Senegal rarely bites me – hard.

Except if she’s on my shoulder (which is not often) because when my wife Catherine walks by and gets too close, I feel a hypodermic needle on my neck and I know that’s Peaches saying to me “how dare you cheat on me”.

When we remember to keep our distance if I have a bird on board, the biting never occurs. I don’t have to say a word to Peaches, I remove the trigger.

Birds bite for a number of reasons, fear, to attract attention, to climb.

Getting bit is simply not acceptable. Peaches will always bite Catherine – she hates her.

Thus Catherine will use a long dowel perch to move Peaches from her travel cage to her sleeping cage never allowing the opportunity to get bitten.

So you need to watch for triggers and remove biting opportunities. Learn your birds body language. We call it “Speaking Bird“.

Hope that helps

written by mitch rezman
approved by catherine tobsing

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