Let’s start with forgetting that BIRDS DO NOT LIKE CHANGE!

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Hi! I very much enjoy your emails and all the information you provide. By the way, my green conure (Wyndle) looks just like the bird you have in the picture with you, Mitch.

Wyndle is a “mutt”, not a pedigree like my Sun Conure was. She has a HUGE personality and is full of spunk; very strong, inquisitive, eats all day (not overweight, tho) etc.

She has a large bird cage which is 4 feet high, 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep. She has plenty of room to spread her wings, walk all over and her favorite is acrobatic, upside-down walking at the top. That’s her daily exercise.

Recently, I was forced to clean her domain! YIKES! She was more well behaved than I anticipated in her small travel cage as she watched me laboring ALL DAY! All her toys came down, got cleaned and I scrubbed the cage for hours.

What an ordeal! Sadly, some of her toys were too-far-gone and had to be thrown away. I put many of them back but the cage now seemed bare. I worked hard to get her back to her home quickly and that began the horrible “upset”.

Somehow, I had forgotten that BIRDS DO NOT LIKE CHANGE! She had a FIT! After all, how did I have the RIGHT to mess with HER home?! She was absolutely miserable the rest of the evening. I felt so bad for her.

Her home had been invaded and it was now bare. She was hurting! So, for the next week, I bought new toys but especially bought a LOT of those $1 colorful dog rope toys.

She LOVES THOSE! I hang them and she likes to shred them. I was in the position to “cover those large empty areas (walls) of her home immediately!

So, I began to shred the ropes myself to spread them open more and cover more space. As I did this, the walls became more “comfortable” for her and seemed more like home to her.

She’s been FINE ever since. I surprised myself over this long-term adventure especially as I KNEW birds didn’t like change.

I believe it’s important to make a transition like this quick and simple but as gentle as possible for them. This is their personal, private space ~ their HOME and it’s everything to them. ‘Just my 2 cents… Kathy Wells (PS: I play a repeating CD every night for Wyndle of “Somewhere Out There” to help her go to sleep.
~The top half of her cage looks out the window so she can “bark” at passersby~ She watches cartoons ALL DAY LONG! She actually sings to the Spongebob theme song (didn’t know a bird could say “square” pants!)~She plays that “hello” game w/me like marco-polo.

She says hello, I say hello back…on and on and on ~When I tell her how strong she is, she immediately goes to the top of the cage and starts walking upside down.

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