My birds don’t diminish my air quality – doc.

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What is your general (not medical) reaction to this scenario? Please excuse me if this is not an appropriate question to ask but you have a lot of bird-human experience.

I plan also to contact some local avian vets and run this past them.

In a nutshell, I am heartbroken and wonder whether there is any real chance the doctor’s hypothesis will turn out to be wrong.

Just want to hear more opinions. Thank you, Sonia Kovitz and

Hi Sonia

It is not dander that you’re reacting to, it’s environmental dust and allergens.

Let’s first talk about bird’s/parrot’s and dander a.k.a. dust. Feathers that have the most contact to a bird’s skin produce the white powder known as bird dust.

It’s the shredded ends of the feathers that are the actual dust.

You can thank that remarkably soft feel of your birds feathers – to the dust.

Known bird dust species are

  • African Greys
  • Cockatoos
  • Cockatiels
  • Amazons

Amazons by the way, have a darker dust so it’s usually less noticeable

Hypoallergenic parrot species are

  • Electus
  • Parakeets (or Budgies). 
  • Pionus
  • Toucans

Love birds and parrotlets produce no noticeable dander – 

We believe everything that comes out of doctor’s mouths – why? They can’t be knowledgeable about everything – right?

Birds can’t afford to have their tiny air passages that drive a super efficient respiratory system, clog up.

If a bird’s air passages are blocked because of too much dander and dust, the bird will get sick and have a shortened lifespan.

If you clean your cages regularly, that will go a long way to all but eliminate and the possibility of fecal particulate.

Bathing your birds regularly will go miles to keep dander at a minimum

We live in the geographical center of Chicago, use air-conditioning very little,

Unless we stand top of just dusting,  the dust on our furniture can become, well a nuisance and health problem. 

editors note: How much dander can a 100 g animal make? Is it enough to trigger an asthma episode in a human?

Let’s first talk about bird’s/parrot’s and dander a.k.a. dust. Feathers that have the most contact to a bird’s skin produce the white powder known as bird dust.

BTW – I think your doctor is way off base and absolutely dead wrong.

He is saying you have birds thus the birds are making you sick BUT Correlation does not necessarily imply causation no more than ice cream triggers polio (watch the quick video)

If the air quality was that bad all your birds would be lying on the bottom of their cages.

Birds are first responders for air quality.

This is because their lungs are far more sensitive than yours – think canary in a coal mine.

All you need is a $800 HEPA air purifier.

Don’t have 800 bucks to blow? How about if you can duplicate the effect of an $800 Hepa air purifier for about 25 bucks?

Watch this video and your problems you can be breathing clean air tomorrow. What do you have to lose?  – please don’t give up the birds.

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