Humans have lots of bird advice – don’t get one, they’re hard to raise – which sounds like a martyr to me.

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I keep a vacuum under the cage. 120 seconds of vacuuming daily.

I grew up in a Jewish household. Everything was in its place, everything was always neat – always.

Today, I won’t leave my residence without making the beds and vacuuming around and under our two birdcages.

While vacuuming the Birdie Boutique last week Catherine made the observation that “there are those that vacuum and there are those that don’t, I fall into the former”.

I vacuum, it’s a habit I don’t love to vacuum, but I also don’t love to take out the garbage or do laundry – but it all needs to be done.

Thus if you’re thinking of getting a bird the first thing you have to ask yourself is “am I my a person who vacuums?”

If you are not a person that vacuums I would advocate not getting a pet. All pets come with some degree of mess be it shedding, muddy paws, torn up houseplants, pee, poop, garbage cans – I bred dogs for 25 years.

The first breeds were malamutes and huskies which were never brought into the house because you would never get rid of the hair. I had them for 10 years, my vet took all the dogs and eventually rehomed them individually.

We then transitioned to standard poodles. We became a show home to five. That meant twice a day every day in the winter, we would let them out in the yard until they were ready to come back in and then wipe off TWENTY PAWS.

To begin answering your question “Which parrot type is the best for you”? We don’t talk about parrot types, we use the term species so there’s no confusion about a bird that we’re talking about is being discussed.

How many species of parrots are there? This is from a Quora thread I can no longer find (on Quora). Which doesn’t tell us much.

The accountant in me set me off counting, so I made a list. Consider it a work in progress, here’s a list of 508 parrot species I’ve come to find.

Please mull through the list and call me in the morning – Pick some and I’ll give you pros and cons.

Many of the knocks doomsayers place on caged bird keeping can be easily mitigated.

You shouldn’t have to clean any perches or accessories in your cage if they are designed so that poop never reaches them and always falls to the floor of the cage and newspaper.

In our Senegal’s cage every couple weeks I put in 15 or 20 sheets of newspaper and remove the top one every day keeping the cage clean and pristine because that’s where all the poop falls none on her perches nor her toys.

I keep a small canister vacuum under the budgies cage and an upright not far. I vacuum 4 – 6 days a week for 2 to 3 minutes each day – does the job.

Let’s back up a bit. Why ARE birds messy? It’s nature’s design they were put on earth to spread seeds.

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