Humans have lots of bird advice – don’t get one, they’re hard to raise – which sounds like a martyr to me.

man with African grey parrot on shoulder with wife and teenage son in the woods
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Much like not being able to tell the difference between a $300 Java wood play stand and a $6000 armoire, they can’t tell the difference between the rain forest floor and your Pergo floor.

They spread seeds by dropping them from their perches in the wild along with their poop.

Seabirds will transport fish eggs to small lakes putting populations of fish in places that you never really thought about how the fish got there got there.

Parrots are the only species of animal immune to the hottest of hot habanero peppers. This is mother nature’s way of spreading habanero pepper seeds across the land..

It’s pretty easy to control the cleaning of poop if you’re smart about it. All poop falls down to the newspaper on the floor of the cage if your perches are designed to do so.

Which seems to be the biggest mess is the hulls from the seeds. Our four Budgies get a millet spray every other day.

Most bird food seed blends have hulls. They get flung out of the cage when say a bird flaps its wings, clipped are not. Millet seed hulls can be seen in streaks of sunlight flying up on certain days

I could put myself out of my misery and stop serving the breakfast club (Bacon, Eggs, Toast and Jam) millet but they like it too much and have lots of fun.

A single budgie feeding on about a 10th of a millet spray a day would not make much of a mess. Bird food blends with hulled seeds like Tropimix from Hagen or any number of commercial bird food pellets will eliminate a lot of vacuuming.

If you fall into the “I’m not a vacuuming person” category, “clean bird food” puts the option of a bird in your life – back on the table.

Other considerations can be noise. South American birds like conures (120 species alone) tend to be noisy.

Big cockatoos from Australia can be very noisy like the umbrella cockatoo but not all cockatoos are noisy.

The major Mitchell cockatoo and the Rose breasted cockatoo are both relatively quiet birds. So are Eclectus parrots.

While African grays can be noisy, other African birds from the Poicephalus family like Senegal’s, Red belly’s, Myers, and Nyam nyam’s. Cape parrots tend to be on the noisy side.

Generally speaking bigger bird bigger brain, bigger poop, bigger voice. A big cockatiel and a Senegal are about the same body weight while the cockatiel is 4 to 6 inches longer because of  its tail.

So there’s lots of things to think about. Mothers and fathers have been rearing children since I don’t know, for a long time.

Any animal can be trained, as long as you pay your due diligence, including parrots.

I do know that I enjoy waking up to the sound of four budgies planning and or plotting their day. Their tiny voices fill the apartment with life like  a verbal floral arrangement.

I enjoy packing up Peaches our Senegal and taking her to work every day where she just spends her entire day seeking to annoy me but it’s all just fun. (Being self-employed helps)

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