Cockatiels are more similar to cockatoos than you might think

galah aka rose breasted cockatoo on left pied cockatiel on right against a beautiful sky with light clouds background
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The bird will eat, play and nap just fine. You can wrap the sides of the bird cage with a blanket or sheet if your bird is usually covered, but not the top where the light comes into the cage.

This resets your birds circadian rhythm which controls and causes hormonal behavior. After three to seven days, your bird’s internal clock(s) is reset and your bird should lose interest in hormonal activity.

editors note: and become freakin’ normal!.


This costs nothing but time and perhaps a little sanity on your part but it works.


It may be needed to be repeated in 6 months or more if your bird continues to get stimulated.


I hope this helps and you get back to us as to your expereince.


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Hi. I need to give my lovebird calcium supplements because she had a soft shell egg and we ended up in the hospital for a night.

Fortunately, supplements and warmth enabled her to lay the egg. When she was discharged, the vet gave me a calcium mixture, but I have to fight with my bird to administer it. I asked the vet if an OTC supplement to mix in her food is as good, and she said to be sure it’s “bio-available”. Is there one you recommend that can be absorbed well?

thank you -Sharon

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Are mirrors detrimental to birds?

Someone once told me that they will not interact with you as much if you have mirrors in their cage.

I have a goffins cockatoo and a cockatiel that both love their mirrors, but they also love me so I don’t know if that is true. I have had my cockatoo for 35 years and I thought she just didn’t like men, but lo and behold, she loves the man I’m with now and I couldn’t be happier! She must be a very good judge of character as he is the one.


Hi Lynn

Mirrors may or may not cause a bird to bond with the mirror instead of you. But it can.


We don’t recommend them for this reason.



We recommend them mainly for lonely birds, birds who are not social, birds that lost a mate, etc.


If it is working for your birds, don’t try to fix what works.


So glad your birds are happy and healthy.


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How does a cockatoo and a cockatiel differ? (still seeking the original poster – apologies)


First I am compelled to set the record straight.  There are no 3 foot to 4 foot long cockatoos responding to an answer for this question on Quora .

A hyacinth macaw can grow to 44 to 48 inches long including it’s tail but an umbrella cockatoo its generally about 18 inches long and weighs approximately one and a half pounds.(560 g)


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