How do amazon parrots use light to synthesize Vitamin D having no preening gland? and other captive Amazon care questions

Spectacled or White-Fronted Amazon Parrot Poses for the camera.
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Drop them in his food dish every time you go by the cage to find out what he really likes and then when you offer a treat, place it in a food bowl so to it’s beak doesn’t have to interact with your fingers.


Once he responds to not aggressively receiving treats from you we can move forward.






We’ve had Olive, our yellow naped amazon, since she was 8 months old. She’s now 11 years old. She/he, spends most of her/his day outside her/his cage.


However, lately she’s/he’s been getting down and walking around the house. We never know where she’ll/he’ll end up. Fortunately, Someone is home with her/him all day.

Would she/he benefit by getting another bird? If so, would she/he be ok with a cockatoo?


Thank you for your time!!




Dear Joyce


Mitch would like to respond to you in depth but he is busy right now.


I will try to get it rolling.


  1. Get your bird sexed. This behavior may be related to a female seeking out a place to build a nest.


  1. Please get a bird play stand or two. Having the bird out and about on the floor all the time is not safe.


If someone is not watching and the bird gets into something, destroys a treasured family album, chews an electrical cord, etc. Not good for bird or human.


  1. Getting a second bird will only double your work, will take away from your special time with your bird, or worse, they will hate each other.


Please look into the top two for starts.


“Olive” is only out of the cage when she can be supervised. She is covered at night as well.


I refer to her as a girl, as that is what we were told when we bought her at a pet shop. A veterinarian told me recently she is probably not female, or she would have laid by now, seeing as she is 11 years old.


Dear Joyce


Considering that Amazons do live a very long time, their reproductive cycle is not even slightly over at 11.


If conditions were not right for her previously, they may be now.


Editor’s note: The vet was not an avian vet. Birds can lose eggs in folds of body fat so not seeing an egg is no confirmation of sex type.


Yes  Catherine, its difficult to break the habit of referring to her as a female after all these years.


Again, thank you for taking time to respond!




Enjoy Your Journey!




We live in southern TX, and would like to take our Amazon outside since the weather is so nice this time of year.


I will purchase a cage of course, but my concerns are what types of bugs and disease am I potentially going to expose her to? She will also be in a covered patio. How do I keep her safe?


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