How Windy City Parrot Looks At Our Bird’s Holistically

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All birds need to get their feathers wet in order to keep them in the properly arrangement and healthy looking.


Other feathered flock members


If you have a solitary bird that you may think is lonely and not as sociable as you would like to be, get a second bird and earn the elevation from bird companion to zookeeper.


In many cases the two birds will bond and give new meaning to two’s company and three’s is a crowd.


Birds are much like potato chips, sometimes you can’t have just one. Those bird keepers that have multiple birds and multiple species have their work cut out for them.


Introducing birds to new birds has to be done under the closest of supervision with two or more birds never being left alone for several weeks or even a couple months until their relationship is established.

We have four budgies one male and three females. We duplicate everything in their cage. 2 food dishes or a large bird food dish.


Two water dishes, a community millet holder where everybody has room to work and different combinations of toys in all four corners of the cage.


This duplication overcomes jealousies that might pop up say where one bird blocks access to another bird’s water, thus 2 water dishes keep everyone happy, as an example.


Human flock members


Birds react to different family members in different ways. It may do with the species (human and avian).

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Eclectus parrots are great family birds. As we found out, Senegal parrot’s may not be a family bird

When searching for a new pet bird talk to all the right people, us, rescues and veterinarians.


If you are going to buy a bird from a breeder get the background of the breeder. The best place to start is with the breeders vet.


Yeah – we know birds – how can we help?


We took them out of the sky. It’s our responsibility to provide the best care possible and keep suffering to a minimum.

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