We Explore 4 Cockatoos Each With Unique Nutritional Needs

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Yay!! I can’t wait to read the article. By the way, do you or anyone you know have experience with Galahs (aka Rose-breasted cockatoos)?


I have one that I got as a baby (It was about 6-9 months old). She is just under 2 years old now. I wasn’t impressed when I drove out of state to buy her from the breeder that came with great recommendations.

She was in terrible shape…her wings had been clipped (too severely in my opinion) and they had to pull 2 blood feathers (or so I was told) so she had a lot of dried blood that they couldn’t wash off. It took me nearly a year to get her to perch on the dowels that are in her cage.


Of course she will not come to me either. I spent a lot of money at the vet and he couldn’t find anything broken that would account for the fact that the muscles in one wing were somewhat emaciated compared to the other wing.


He thought it might have been from it not being used but we do not know why it wasn’t being used. She would run slightly lop-sided when she had her wings out.


Now, she seems stable but doesn’t seem to realize that she can fly. It is not an easy task to get her out of her cage and I have tried everything and let her take her time but after a couple of months without being out of the cage I decided it was time that she get out and run around…she needed exercise in my opinion.


The good news is that once I do get her I can put her under a blanket with me or hold her against me and rub her head and watch her go to sleep. She is very cuddly. I am giving you this information wondering if you have ever experienced such a situation with a bird.



I did research on these birds for a couple of years and based my decision to get one because most of the things I read said that they were playful and were not as loud as some of the other Cockatoos.


By the way, she has a cockatiel in the cage next to her which she totally ignores despite his attempts to get her attention.


If you think of anything or know of some resources to go to, I would greatly appreciate it. She isn’t a perfect bird and definitely not what I was expecting but I would never consider re-homing her.

Lorie S


Hi Lorie

In that you got her at the age she was, there’s a good chance that her wings were clipped too early and she was never fledged, birds needs to be fledged.

editors note: When a young bird has enough initial flight feathers and and is ready to fly then does, it has fledged.


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