We Explore 4 Cockatoos Each With Unique Nutritional Needs

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Test for everything,  we can always add supplements, fruits and veggies if our bird is content on a certain diet.

​I would advocate something like Safflower Gold from Higgins which has fruit veggies, and InTune pellets.

​Your food delivery system may be a little boring (for the bird) as well – here’s a video that illustrates a bird’s nutritional mind set.

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Hi Mitch


I just rescued bare-eyed cockatoo. He/she is malnourished and I’d like to learn the best way to get her on a pellet diet


Mitchr replies


Kudos for the rescue we know how you order so we know you’re up to the task



A pellet diet is a very good choice, here’s a great method of converting to pellets.


Basically, it involves providing only pellets first thing in the morning and waiting until later to provide other food.


A slightly hungry bird will try things that a mostly full bird will not. A little while later, mix some of whatever diet she is used to into the pellets.

Also, some birds prefer damp pellets (think orange juice), but you have to remove them promptly because the damp environment can foster bacterial growth if left for all day.


We believe a bird’s diet should contain a lot of different veggies and fruit and you can easily introduce new items by letting her see you eat them while making a really big deal about how great they are.

Then offer her a taste. Her curiosity will get the best of her and she will try them.


A couple of pelleted diets we feel are very good and well balanced that you should try are Hagen Tropican Lifetime Parrot Granules available at  and TOPS Bird Food Pellets for All Hookbills.


If you prefer a seed mix, two good ones are: Volkman’s Avian Science Super Hookbill No Sunflower.


And Higgins Sunburst Parrot Mix (inclusive of Higgins InTune pellets) available at:. If you choose a seed mix, you’ll need to add supplements such as Hagen Prime by HARI (Hagen Avicultural Research Institute

I hope this helps and if we can help you further, please let us know.

On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 5:11 PM UTC, Cordelia B  wrote:


HI! I inherited a 10 year old cockatoo from my uncle about a year ago.


She was caged for most of the time with him, but with me, she enjoys traveling in the car (she’s very good!) and a flight cage outdoors and her perch.


She is well behaved and a bit shy of toys, but I think we’ll get there. I’m afraid she’s not getting the proper nutrition though.


She is a VERY picky eater! I’ve tried to get her to eat pellets to round out her diet (she likes snap peas and apples and peaches and a few other things) but she would be happy eating toast with butter every meal.


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