We Explore 4 Cockatoos Each With Unique Nutritional Needs

2 blue eyed cockatoos on branch in foresr
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I try to get her organic nutty bread, but I still worry. Any ideas? Thanks!


Hey Cordelia


Please read some of my pellet conversion tips above. That said it sounds as though you are doing great but would advise baby steps.



Your (he/she species) probably has about 8000 feathers. Feathers are built from amino acids. Aminos are derived from protein.


Let’s step back and get the bird’s diet stabilized. Higgins Safflower Gold Parrot contains InTune pellets that she will eat without knowing.


Hagen’s Tropimix Large Parrot by HARI contains Tropican pellets, once again a win-win for you and the birds.


If you see the bird picking out and tossing certain nuts or fruits, make a note and will look for a more defined food.


Have you seen any of the cookable bird foods? They are “oatmealish” and will remind your FID of the good ole hand feeding days when everything was warm, gooey and yummy.


Higgins Worldly Cuisines has 6 flavors in small microwaveable bags that cooks in 3 minutes.  Enjoy the ‘splainr’ the video.


I would also advocate serving a bird supplement like Nekton S sprinkled on a Lafebers Avi-Cake.


Although considered a bird treat, Avi cakes contain 50% pellets making them a 100% comprehensive food a bird could live on for a lifetime.


But wait – there’s more!


Lafeber’s Avi Cakes are bound by molasses making the not only yummy but sticky.



Any powdered supplement “sticks” to the treat making them an ideal delivery system for powdered bird supplements.





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