How far can a parrot fly?

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I work at home so his cage is open whenever I’m there, and he has access to a table play area during the day and can walk around the floor in the evening.


I was thinking of growing out his wings come spring and getting a harness for our outside walks. Winter came first and I bought a new cage – one of those acrylic cages but apparently the handle wasn’t in properly.

So one day in December, the cage slipped out of my hand and broke, leaving Bell a bit shaken up, leaving little birdie foot prints in the snow. I was able to quickly scoop him up, and I shudder to think if his wings had been full out and he’d flown up to a tree branch. Though now that he knows me, that might not necessarily have happened but still…what if?


So as much as I want to grow out his wings, I tremble to think of something happening for which I’d ultimately be responsible, however much of a fluke it might be, especially since he travels away with me every weekend. And yet, this causes me to reconsider – again. I want Bell to be the birdiest he can be.


Hi Judi

When somebody tells me that a bird flew into a mirror or a glass door, is is no different than saying that I tried to back the car out of the garage but ran into the door because I did not know it had to be up.


Birds don’t understand the concept of glass. Millions of birds die annually flying into glass buildings. If you going to allow your bird to be flighted is important to start with the fundamentals.


No direct access to Windows – no mirrors – know where your bird is every moment of the day – in a dual door entry and exit system to your home.


Please enjoy one of our many articles on how to keep your bird flighted safely:



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